March 10, 2013

"Saying that you're a poet is like about as special as saying you breathe, speak, or drink water, because poetry is just nature."
- Mwalim

Today, I went to the old South Meeting House in beautiful Boston for the Massachusetts State Finals for POETRY OUT LOUD! POL, for those of you who don't know, is a statewide high school level competition where students choose two poems from a list of classic poems and recite them. Not only do they recite them, but they make the poems come alive. As a speaker there said, it really takes talent to make something written on paper come alive. Some competitors even cry while performing.

I think it's a great opportunity for students to expose themselves and their loved ones to the magic of poetry. Because of it's occasional vagueness, poetry gets a bad rep. However, I love it and support it. That's why I went there to cover it for my school newspaper and support the State Finalist from my school, Sam Salem.

I have to blog about my outfit, of course!

Face: honey toner, forever 21 brown and gold eyeshadow, rimmel london primer, rimmel mascara, and light pink babylips.
I'm wearing my forever 21 distressed chambray shirt over a white american eagle v neck, my blue tribal urban outfitters shorts over black tights and my combat ankle boots from marshalls. My bag is a few years old and thrifted. My usual arm candy: a silver and gold bracelet from a boutique in Cape Cod, my pandora bracelet and rings. Lastly, my stylish Firmoo glasses!

For lunch, I got a turkey burger with salsa, "crispy" veggies and a delicious mango smoothie from b.good. It was my first time eating there, and it was awesome, I definitely recommend it.

Even though Sam didn't advance to Washington, I'm so proud of her and all of the hard work she's done, and I'm so proud of all of the competitors. Props to them - I'd never be able to memorize a poem and recite it with so much verb & passion!

Aaannnd of course since I was in Boston I had to get some shopping done. My mother & I checked out the Cambridgeside Galleria where I checked out "LoveCulture" and snagged some distressed denim shorts. I also utilized my Maxxinista Employee Discount at TJ Maxx and finally got a pair of pink skinnies and two cute tank tops!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. BTW make sure you turned your clocks back. I lovelovelove how it's lighter out later now!

A Comet Appears -  The Shins

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