March 17, 2013

HEALTHY SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Especially as spring and summer comss around, we all strive for effortless glowing skin without caking on the layers of heavy foundation. Spring and summer sun call for a fresh face and a bright or nude lip. Just add a touch of bronzer and you're ready to go. However, to achieve this effortless look, you have to have a base of soft, healthy, skin. I've constructed a daily flawless face routine with the help of T-Vogue and other great sources to keep your skin in tip top shape!
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1. You are what you eat
Beauty is truly on the inside out. When it comes to your body, what you put into it is directly proportional to how it looks.
First of all, drinking up to 8 cups of water daily is a miracle worker for many aspects of your body. Not only does it promote weight loss and help add shine to your hair, but it helps keep your skin glowing and healthy as well! Here are some key foods that, when integrated into your diet, can help get your skin the best it's ever looked!

  • There is a plethora of health benefits to yogurt, especially protein-rich greek yogurt. Looks like it helps with your skin, too! Dairy aids in firming and smoothing skin.
  • Walnuts, one of the most delicious fruits, contains helpful omega-3 fatty acids that help with skin elasticity.
  • Kidney beans are proven zit-zappers.
  • Soy, found in edamame, soymilk, even some froyo helps clear complexion by eliminating those red spots!
  • Great news! CHOCOLATE (cocoa) firms your skin and makes it more supple. 
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2. Moisturize your skin daily!
Obviously, the point of moisturizers is to soften your skin. However, most people just stock up on perfumy lotions that we received as gifts but never really use them. There are two essential times you should moisturize: before you apply your makeup, and after you shower. I often find my skin blotchy after a shower, so that's a prime time to get it. In the morning, washing my face, applying toner then moisturizing softens and brightens my skin, making it unnecessary to even apply a foundation for bb cream.
However, one must be careful when choosing the right skin care product. Here's some of the top recommended ones:

3. "No Makeup" Makeup

March may be dragging on slowly but this month's issue of Teen Vogue has offered me some of the best beauty advice when it comes to clear skin! For those of us who want to have that flawless airbrushed look but don't want to cake on foundation, fear no more! It's all in the keep up of the skin. Believe it or not eating your super foods and drinking enough water is the first step in your makeup routine! Here's T-Vogue's flawless routine:

  • When you first wake up, wash your face thoroughly with any wash, I like to use Bath & Body Works's true blue facial scrub.
  • Secondly, apply toner. I use an all natural honey one I found in Vermont. Mostly because of my sensitive skin, I found using natural products are the best for the skin.
  • Third, moisturize. Try to avoid supery perfume lotions.
  • That's it! Your skin should be soft, clear, and if you do this for a week all of your blemishes and imperfections should dissolve eventually. Just apply blush and/or bronzer for color and to contour the face. Boom!

I hope this all helps! I just have some housecleaning to address:

I am a finalized to be a fashion blogger for my local mall, so pleeaasee go vote for me! Voting ends march 29th! VOTE AGAIN AND AGAIN, TWEET, TUMBLR, FACEBOOK, SHARE THE LINK!

Lastly, yesterday both my Nanny and Papa passed away. They were very important to me, and I was their only grandchild. I won't get too into it but I might be on a small hiatus for a week or a little over that, from here and YouTube. I'm so very grateful, I have the best support system in the world. Thank you, everyone.


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