February 18, 2013

Saturday was an eventful and interesting day. You may know of companies that sell their products through representatives such as Avon, the Pampered Chef, etc, well my boyfriend's mother is a representative for Miche Purses, and she asked me if I was interested in hosting a party.

Miche purses are unlike any other bag I've seen. There are three sizes - essentially small, medium and large. You choose a size of your "base" which is a basic black bag and handles. However, from there you make it your own. There are hundreds of different "shells" in hundreds of different styles to go over the bases. There's something for everyone. To personalize it even more, there's numerous straps as well! They offer sell wallets, shoes, keychains and more. Details on how to snag your own are at the end of this post!

Once I learned the great benefits of having a party - I was sold! The more of my friends and family that attended bought products, the more products I could earn for free and discounted! So, I invited a few friends over and made some party food this Saturday afternoon.

The look was the day was casual and a bit edgy. I finally got to rock the fringed "California Republic" Tee I got from Pacsun with my grey Kira cardigan from PacSun as well, black Victorias Secret yoga leggings, and my brown combat boots. I went for warm tones on my face, as from light brown eyeshadow to a pinky lip.

 Since it's a simple look, I went a little crazy on my arm candy and rocked a vintage watch, a silver and gold bracelet form a Boutique in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, and my pandora bracelet. Not to mention my chunky F21 rings.

A party with good food is always a succesfull party in my book. I whipped up some fresh guacamole, and also had a spread including fruit, dippable veggies, Tortilla chips, pita chips, greek veggie dip, and roasted red pepper hummus.

She arrived with a few different sized shells and bases, a wallet or two, different straps and chains, and of course order forms and catalogs. After she presented the products, she passed out order forms and catalogs for us to check out.
This is an example of a base.

This is a medium sized bag with a beautiful red shell.

This is a smaller base with an adorable blue shell with a flower detail.
All the happy party-goers and their catalogs!

If you are interested in ordering,  click here! Make sure to get your orders in by Friday. There are hundreds of styles to browse!

Also - my giveaway winner has been announced at the end of my newest YouTube video. It could be you - check it out! :)

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