February 10, 2013

The sky may have just dropped 30+ inches of snow in New England, however if you're like me, winter is the last thing your mindset. I'm already dreaming of rocking high waisted shorts and fun-colored pumps in the upcoming spring/summer months. With graduation and prom coming up, I've been online window shopping dresses like a feind recently, too. In my fiendish scrolling, I've comprised a list of a few must-have/staple pieces that are essential to your wardrobe this spring. Keep these in mind while you're out stocking up on your spring wear!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Those beauties on the bottom right  - in any way, shape or form, whether they're auhentic Jeffrey's or not I/every girl absolutely NEEDS some 'litas in their life! These daring platforms are a mix of boot and heel with a side of sass. The ones I chose for my collage are both a daring color and feature my weakness - STUDS. (At this point, my wardrobe my contain more studs than every outfit KISS wore on stage in the 80's combined.) Anyway, the thick heel elevates front makes them easy to walk in. They can spice up any casual spring look, and transition it to a fabulous outfit of the night!
Equally as daring wedge, not as breathtaking price:
2. Colorful and chunky jewelry
image from:

The combination of a plain tee/tank and denim shorts can be spiced up with some daring jewelry to make an effortlessly gorgeous spring/summer look. I'd be sure to stock up on some chunky, colorful jewelry because spring screams for color and it can be very versatile. You can rock it at events, barbecues, or just out with friends. Honestly the best place to find chunky jewelry is Forever 21, it has the best price and caters to many different styles and trends. ALSO, don't forget the sunglasses! I plan on stocking up on eccentric frames such as cat eye, John Lennon inspired, and heart-shapes sunglasses.

3. High waisted shorts
image from:

This one's a no-brainer. It's been no secret for summer's past that a few pairs of high waisted shorts are essential to everyone's wardrobe for the spring and summer. There's so many different kinds to choose some. There are nautical-themed blue cotton ones, denim ones, and new for this season scalloped lace ones. I need to invest in a pair of the new lace ones. I can't wait to indulge in as many studded, distressed, and dip-dyed pairs until it's disgusting. My appetite for high waisted shorts will never be fully satisfied. The best way to go about getting these is taking your measurements and browse through Etsy, and buy them from the DIY pros yourself. That way, you know noone else will rock the same pair as you, even though these things are like snowflakes. However, if you don't feel like measuring, the Kylie and Kendall line for PacSun offers some adorable dip dyed, studded ones at a good price!

4. A good pair of skinny corduroys

For days where shorts, skirts, or dresses are just not doable, a go-to outfit can be any skinny or corduroys jeggings, a flowy top, and flats/sandals. The loose top and long, skinny jeans add length to your legs and is a classy yet casual look. Colored jeggings skinnies/add a pop of color for spring, especially in pastels. My favorite is light pink corduroy jeggings, I need to invest in a pair ASAP. Here's some from American Eagle for only $25!

5. Hi-Lo dresses and skirts

Obviously the huge hi-lo trend will carry over into the spring/summer, especially for those northerner girls like me who have been itching to break them out after a long winter. Stock up on some good sundresses, hi lo or not, that are bright and have mixed patterns. They'll go great with the chunky jewelry! Also, stock up on basic block colored skirts, A-line, ruffled, however you like! They'll be a sigh of relief when you want to wear a loud shirt but have nothing simple and cute to pair it with.
Ombre hi lo at Forever 21 for only $12.80! so on trend!
Basic A-line at the same price - staple piece!

6. Sandals and such
These Marie Antionette inspired heels from J. Crew though... Unnffff (previously seen on
It's essential to stock up on essential go to shoes for the spring. I usually leave my patterns to my clothes, but the shoes can still be bold! When shopping for shoes, look for something that can be versatile with many colors and patterns, but are still statement pieces. You want a good ratio of sandals, flats, and wedges/pumps.

Barbie Pink H&M pumps:
Aqua sandals

Hope you keep these in mind when you're shopping for spring! SPRING into step! 

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