Phantom Gourment Food Festival 2016

November 26, 2016

September 24, 2016 was a jam packed day for the Fenway area. On Landsdowne and Ipswich street was the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, and inside the Fenway Park Concourse was "college fest". Both events yielded a LOT of free stuff. It's almost like you start off going to college fest to check out the free promotions from the vendors, and then once you're a pompous young professional in Boston, you pay the $30 entrance fee to stuff yourself with free samples and listen to throwback jams with your old college friends at the bars on Landsdowne St.

The set up of the food festival was as follows: booths local restaurants and food retailers lined both Landsdowne and Ipswich St. Beer tents were sprinkled along the route. All of the bars - Bill's Bar, Tequila Rain, the House of Blues and more - were all open. There was a costume/dance contest happening at Tequila Rain while I was at Bill's Bar. I'm pretty sure they were playing the same songs for the dance contest in Bill's Bar because there was a stream of 1980's  - 2000s songs being played and faded into each other, and not in an ironic way.

At the end of the day, I had a great time tasting DELICIOUS local food. I went there having eaten nothing for the day, and I came out super full just from samples. Here's a list of the places I visited, and some pictures!
KINGS pulled pork slider
Foundry Lobster roll slider
Hush Puppies corn and chorizo food festival
Boston Burger Company Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries
Comella's Pasta
All Star Sandwich Bar BBQ Chicken Salad
Cakes by Erin "drunken pumpkin" cupcake

I was expecting a bit of a burger but their glazed sweet potato fries were delicious. I'd give my first born child for regular sweet potato fries so who knows what I would do for regular ones.

Beer tastes better in aluminum cans

"Drunken Pumpkin" cupcake. I think there was a pumpkin liquor in the frosting. The makes of these cupcakes are going to be on the next episode of "Halloween Wars"!

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