Love your routine, and yourself

October 16, 2016

The number one response I have for people when they ask me how my year has been so far is "Good!... Busy...." I usually flash through all of the meetings and stress I've already had to deal with this school year after I say that. I don't want to put all of that on this person who is nice enough to initiate small talk with me. If you're in college, or just graduated, or are a young professional, you probably know this feeling. You may also know the feeling of being so busy that you lose track of yourself. Looks in the mirror getting ready start becoming a scene from Mulan. Who is that girl I see?

It's important, however, to not lose yourself amid the stress. I know this sounds like a generalized piece of advice that will go in one ear, and out the other. Instead of giving you some cliche advice, I'm going to give you some tangible ways to actually relieve stress. These have worked for me, at least!

1. Spend some time on your hobbies/passions
One of the main reasons I decide to relaunch my blog is so that I could have a hobby to go back to when life gets stressful. Just a little bit of anything you're interested in - writing, singing, designing, drawing, sports - can remind you why you're here in the first place.

2. Watch some trashy reality TV
There's nothing that mades me feel better than reminding myself that my biggest concern isn't whether Bethany said something about my fiance or if Kim ordered grape soda for dinner instead of raspberry. If I feel like my life is a senseless pit of stress and obligations, I like to vicariously live through entitled trust fund adults spending their money on bottle service and manicures.

3. Look back at pictures of memories with your friends
This also works if you're feeling down. Remembering old times really makes you realize that whatever you're stressed about is temporary, and time passes.

4. Look back at old, embarrassing 8th grade pictures
This is the same logic as watching reality TV. Comparing yourself now to where you were reminds
you of how much you've grown.


5. Treat yo self
Treat yo self to something you've been craving foodwise. Buy yourself those shoes you've been eyeing, or those concert tickets you really want. It's something to look forward to.

6. Nap!
I mean, is there anything better than SLEEPING DURING THE DAY? Sleeping at night is already amazing. It's like getting a medium coffee when you ordered a small. Score!

7. Indulge in your favorite media
Are you a huge Netflix original junkie? Do you follow YouTube series? Do you love podcasts? Do you feverishly stress-read fan fiction? Are you a total nerd and love all of these things like me? Indulge in something you love to let loose and read/watch. It gets your mind off of the stress and simultaneously stimulates it.
8. Do the easiest, quickest things on your to-do list first
It may sound weird, telling you to do things on your to-do list to stress you out less, but if you just get the quickest things done now, there will be less to stress about. More time for crying in the shower!

9. Have a heart to heart with your friend
If something is bothering you, ask a close friend who will offer a fresh perspective on it what their opinion is. Someone else can tell yout the things you're too afraid to say about yourself.

10. Catch up with someone you haven't seen in a while
It's good to keep updated with an old friend to deliver some nostalgia to distract you from your current peril.

11. Go somewhere spontaneous
Take a random trip somewhere with minimal planning. Worrying about plans working out in order for a trip to work is too stressful.

12. Daydream
I often like to daydream about the future, and what all of my hard work could lead to, to keep me motivated.

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