GUEST POST: Outfit of the Day; Looking Cute this Winter!

March 04, 2016

This is a guest post by China Barbie of My Peace and Love Blog!

I don't like wearing jeans; to me they're just boring, and you end up looking like everybody else. I prefer to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses. In the harsh and snowy winters of Ohio however, this can sometimes cause a dilemma! You fashionable dames out there living in cold climates can totally attest to this! 

So I am here to show you, a cute winter outfit, and prove once and for all, that you can still
look cute, even in the winter!

What to wear:

- An adorable Tee
This is my Bob Marley quarter sleeve length tee by Zion Rootswear.

-An adorable skirt
I wear mine high-waisted. I got this cute denim skirt for only $.25 at a thrift store!
It's by Pins and Needles.

These are the most important part of any cute winter outfit. It allows you to wear a
skirt, dress, or shorts, while keeping your legs from becoming popsicles! I got these
adorable galaxy leggings from Rue 21 for only $2!

-A sweater

I absolutely adore sweaters. The more old lady looking the better! I get all my sweaters
from thrift stores-they always have plenty, and in any color you need! Wearing a sweater
over your t-shirt makes certain your outfit won't be lost in an oversized hoody.

-Boots and fur leg warmers

Gotta have warm fuzzy boots to complete your warm and adorable winter outfit!
If your boots aren't long enough, never fear! Get yourself a pair of
fuzzy leg warmers, and place them over your boots. You can find any color and
length on Etsy. 

I got these great tiger gloves from Kohl's for under $4.00!
Thank you so much for reading, I am so happy to be guest blogging on this great blog!
Now go on out there and create your adorable winter outfit!

Jessica LaPinta (China Barbie) is the author of My Peace Love Life Blog ( She is a part time model, housewife, and crafter. Obsessed with goal writing, list making, and crossing things of her bucket list, she is always busy with one adventure or another. China Barbie is a globe-trotting flower child, with a pension for healthy living, changing the world, and making her own fashion statement.

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