November 16, 2015

Before I left for Atlanta this weekend, I would have described my general sentiment towards life as "dead inside", being my overly dramatic self. However, the practical term is burnt out. I wasn't even burnt out from doing things, however I was just burnt out at the long to-do lists ahead of me. This weekend, I attended the PRSSA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  I've been to two regional conferences at BU hosted by the wonderful BU PRSSA chapter, however, I've never attended a national conference. I was so excited to learn so much, improve my skills, network, and get away from Salem for a while. However, I didn't know how much I would learn.
PRSSA is a part of PRSA. PRSSA is the Public Relations Student Society of America, and PRSA is the Public Relations Society of America. There are many PRSSA chapters in multiple colleges and universities across the country. They offer webinars, conferences, scholarship, and articles about the industry. The National PRSSA board provides help to PRSSA chapters at schools. This conference was a week of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking, presentations, performances, and fun. I will break down exactly what I learned, and steps I will take to improve my career path, my PRSSA chapter in general, and my professional portfolio in another post. Here are some picture highlights!

The conference took place at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, GA. The conference rooms and ballrooms were modernly designed and just as gorgeous as they were functional. 

One of my favorite sessions was about how to make a personal, unique experience for consumers when marketing. The brand that presented was Coca Cola freestyle. They have an app that you can choose your mix of favorite Coca Cola drinks, and have it delivered to a dispenser near you.

I'm high-key obsessed with the hotel. The elevator was straight out of a movie. The rooms' circular configuration makes it look like a beehive.

Thereare many restaurants and bars in the hotel. 

We also attended the PRSA general session, which is way bigger and less intimate than the PRSSA session. Speakers included U.S. Congressman John Lewis and Weather Channel personality Jim Cantore.

This is the diner-turned karaoke bar that we hit up every night. It's the most fun I've ever  had that much fun at a breakfast place.

The relationships you make at these through networking are incredible. I love business lunch dates, especially if they include mediterranean food!

This was a huge board of analytics about the hashtag #PRSSANC and tweets about the presidential candidates. Clearly, I was in heaven. 

 Awards were presented to chapters and students who stood out this year, along with a delicious dinner.

Love the SSU PRSSA crew. It can only get bigger & better!

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