October 08, 2015

I always use these goals posts as a way to rant about the month. Lately, with all of my commitments between clubs and classes, the word I would us to describe how I feel is "drowning." However, I'm not drowning in a sea of bad things or things that scare me, it's in a sea of good things. The radio station on-campus, that I'm involved in, wants to put on a lot of good shows and events. PRSSA wants to raise money for conference and hold fun and enriching events. Running club wants to run as many races as possible and stay in shape. The Women's center wants to promote good causes and campaigns. My classes are teaching me skills I will use in the future. These are all good things, however it's the hard work and logistics that are leaving me with this drowning feeling. I know once I see these events and campaigns come to fruition, I will feel proud and accomplished.

September Goals

  • Complete all paperwork so running club can run our first race (and second)
  • Get back to two blog posts a week
  • Decorate living room in suite
  • Get accustomed to chores/food shopping/cleaning in the suite
  • Set goals in executive board position for WMWM and PRSSA
Accomplished goals are green and unaccomplished (yet in the works) are in red.

October Goals

  • Take time to put meetings and events in planner on Sundays
  • Work on resume and e-portfolio
  • Look at classes to take next semester
  • Look for spring internship
  • Keep up 2 blog posts a week
  • Take time to relax every day and not work on something
  • Keep up with American Horror Story
  • Have an unforgettable Halloween

Let's hope October is as promising as September was!

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