Chapter 1: Lost In Time

October 05, 2015

Something I've never done on my blog is featured a story. My roommate, Ali from Ali's Kitchen, is not only a talented cook, but also a talented writer. I thought I'd share a few chapters from her story "Lost In Time." Here's chapter 1:

Chapter One
“Mutants,” I laughed, “what a joke.” Clicking off the TV that displayed X-Men - I mean really, like who on earth could have claws come out from your fists. Seriously? Uhm, no.
Ring...ring...ri- “Hello?” I asked out of habit, not even bothering to check the caller ID as I glanced at the time; 10:45 pm.
“Hey, it’s uh - me… Chris,” He laughed sounding nervous.
“Chris!” I squealed into the phone, “haaaaaaai!”
“What’d you think of X-Men?”
“Extremely unrealistic, next time you tell me to watch some sci-fi movie again you know what I’ll say? I’ll say no thanks!” I joked imagining Chris’ smile, his eyes crinkling; the twinkle in his emerald green eyes.
“Uh-huuuuuuh, and this is like the 50th time you’ve said this?” Yupp, he was definitely smiling that contagious smile of his alright.
“72nd time actually. I’m sle-eepy,” I yawned, my eyes squeezed shut.
“You’re always sleepy,” he teased me as I heard something in the background, “why don’t you just go to sleep then if you’re so sle-eepy?” He drawled a hint of humor in his voice.
“That damn test…” I grumbled rubbing at my eyes, smudging some eyeliner around, making me probably look like a racoon.
“Ohhh yeah, haha. Good luck with that!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!” I asked as I shoved myself up into a sitting position while grabbing the flashcards I made and began to go over them.
“Are you seriously studying while on the phone with me?” He laughed contagiously.
“And what if I am?” I laughed trying to drill the answers into my tired brain, “Are you playing  your guitar?” I asked recognizing the soft melodic music in the background as I lazily glanced around my room. My light green walls, and the complementing beige carpet remained unchanged since I was a child, the TV on the opposite side of the room was a new addition however, and then there was my mahogany dresser and on it; was a picture of Chris and I.
“Is it that obvious?” Chris chuckled, playing a few more chords.
“Duh,” I drawled flipping my blonde hair behind me, “and yet you call me lousy for multitasking!”
“Chris?” I asked sometime later as he was just messing around on his guitar letting me study, but keeping me company.
“Yeah Lily?”
“Sing me a song?” I requested, my voice heavy with sleep, “Pretty pretty pretty please?” I pleaded sounding like a child trying to get their way, throwing the flashcards on the ground. All the information swimming lazily in my head as I tried my hardest to retain it.
“But you’re going to fall asleep like last time!” He argued probably running a hand through his dark brown almost black hair, “And you have to study for that test tomorrow.”
“I won’t. I promise! And I’m still studying right now.” I lied looking down at the color flashcards splayed all across the floor, beckoning me to pick them back up and study them.
“Oh yeah? Then what treaty was made in 1258 BC?”
“Seriously?” I laughed, “It was the peace treaty the Egyptians and the Hitties.” I answered in the most serious tone I could muster, “Do you wish me to continue or have I surpassed your little test?”
“Fine.” He sighed the hint of a smile still in his voice, “What song do you want me to sing then?”
“Uhm, uh - umity um uhmmm… OH! Sing something by All Time Low!” I squealed, snuggling into bed; the phone pressed up against my ear.
“Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye,” He sang softly his voice as smooth as a Cadillac’s engine.
“You should really be in a band Chris,” I whispered closing my eyes, drifting off to sleep my last thoughts were about ancient Egypt. That world history test was taking up too much of my time, I can’t wait till that dang test is over and done with!
“Wake up!” An unfamiliar voice bellowed jolting me awake. Wait...where am I? Opening my eyes, I looked around expecting to wake up as I usually did - the phone plastered to my face, all snuggled up in my bed with the ceiling fan on high. However, all of it was gone; instead I was in...the desert?! How did I end up here?
“Wh-where am I?” I whispered tears gathering in my eyes, as I stared at the strange man before me. He turned around to the other men talking in an unfamiliar language. His black hair was to his shoulders and he wore a pleated see-through robe with white long pants. Standing up, I noticed that a lot of the men wore simple tunics and looked absolutely terrified of the man in the robe.
“Take her back to the pyramids; this slave should be working not sleeping!” He growled as people grabbed me.
“Wait where are you taking me?!” I cried, struggling as I saw the pyramids against the bright blue sky, not a single cloud in sight. “I can’t understand what you’re saying...HEY GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME.” I couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out as I swung my fists against this strange mans’ back.
Without much choice, I was hauled over another one of the men’s followers’ shoulders and hefted on to the nearest horse.
“Shouldn’t we teach her a lesson for running away ? Or at least trying to run,” Another man whom I couldn’t see laughed heartily.
“And what are these clothes she has on?!”
“We’ll teach her a lesson back at camp,” The robe guy said offhandedly, “We’ll make an example out of her for all the other slaves so they won’t even think about running away. After all, Pharaoh Ramses II wants the pyramid built as soon as possible.”
“Ramses?!” I asked shocked, as that was the only part of the conversation I could actually understand, as I watched a pyramid loom closer and closer. Well I guess I found out where they were taking me after all.
“That’s Pharaoh Ramses to you, slave!” He victimized, slapping me across the face, leaving an angry red shaped hand print on my face as I would later see.
What the hell? “Please let me go. I don’t belong here,” I begged hoping that at least one of these strange men would understand and let me go.
“Silence her!” Robe guy snarled, flashing his sickly teeth.
“Please,” I cried barely understandably, “please.” Please became my mantra as I heard a jumble of phrases tumble out of the man in the robes mouth as he gestured violently to his followers. “Please.” I whispered as one of the men approached with a staff in his hand. That was the last thing I saw before being bashed in the head. I couldn’t help but welcome the dark abyss, as it was too enticing to fight off. After all, this had to just be a dream, right?
Ughhh, my head kills. Blinking my eyes open I couldn't help but glance down. Wha-what happened to my clothes? Ignoring the fact that I was dressed in little more than a loincloth, I couldn’t help but look around. Men, women, and even children were wearing as much clothing or even less than myself while hauling blocks up for the pyramid in progress.
“I’m in ancient Egypt, how is this even possible?” I muttered tenderly rubbing the bump on my head.
“You must be the girl they caught this morning trying to escape. Freedom, it’s the only dream we have left and day by day it’s becoming a dying one.” A woman babbled next to me in Egyptian with a sad smile gracing her robust features.
“I-I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re saying.” I replied shakily, thankful my clothes covered the essentials. Sighing the woman shook her head murmuring something. I could feel the tears threatening to spill out, but I refused to show anyone here anymore weakness. I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone else was doing back home. Did they even notice that I wasn’t there anymore, as if I disappeared from thin air? Sensing my inner turmoil the dark skinned woman pulled me into a hug and soothingly stroked my gnarly hair, damp from sweating. Her eyes shining like raw topaz, her shoulders were hunched protectively as she scanned the area, glaring at some of the guards milling about. Hissing at them as she pulled me tighter to her, motioning for me to get up. Scrambling I managed to stand, my body heavy, my throat and tongue dry and coarse like sandpaper. Quickly, her eyes seemed to say, quickly.
“Ah, I see the vixen is awake,” The robe guy growled behind me, yanking me by the hair so hard I was back on the ground. Kneeling down so we were eye level he grabbed my face roughly with his other hand inspecting me. “I have a nice big surprise for you later, whore. Remember to behave or else I’ll personally make sure your punishment happens to be so much worse.”
“Y-you speak En-english?” I all but stuttered by his threat, shocked that I could understand him, and disgusted by the lecherous gaze from his big “surprise” pressing against me.
“English? I do not know of what you speak. Oh! You mean how is it that I can speak your language. I have spent some time up in the far northwest, learning a variety of techniques,” He murmured stroking my cheek. As his thumb lazily passed over my lips. I bit down on his hand hard. With a swift smack and the taste of blood in my mouth I let go. Spitting in his face I saw him rip some cloth off his robes.
“I’ll make sure, that you’ll be begging me to end your pathetic life,” He growled binding my hands behind my back, so tight that they were becoming numb with pinprick sensations.
“Mmmf-gurhhh.” I protested as he gagged me. Yeah, that worked out well, I mentally sighed.
“Just remember what I said,” The man growled in my ear. Being dragged by the elbow, I was thrown into the center of the square where I was quickly tied to a post.
With an outstretched hand, he waited while someone placed a flogging whip in it. Yelling to the crowd gathered before us, I couldn’t help but stare down at the ground watching a scorpion crawl by, trying to control my breathing. Ripping away what little cloth that kept my breasts hidden I held my head high as I waited. Time was all but stalment as the whip collided with my back making a distinct thwack!
“Mhhh!” I groaned from the pain, as it became a steady rhythm. Blood pooled and rolled down my back and body, dripping on to the dusty ground. Blinking through my tears I noticed two men approaching, father and son. They were clearly related with similar features. He gazed at me with such an intense stare, it felt like his brown eyes were gazing deep into my soul. Salty tears mingled with sweat soaked through the linen gag as the sun beat down. On the verge of passing out from the blood loss and dizziness of the heat I noticed the whipping had stopped. When had this happened?
“Stop! That’s enough Abasi,” He yelled his voice husky, the whip wrapped around his arm making it a bloody mess.
Well now I finally had a name to place that damn lech with.
“I see you are quite smitten little brother,” someone laughed, patting him on the shoulder appearing out of no where,
“What are you doing?!” The father yelled his voice heavily accented, his face turning purple with rage, “This girl is just a mere slave!”
“I know Father but-”
“What am I going to do with you,” he sighed, cupping his cheek lovingly. “Abasi!”
“Ye-yes your majesty?” Abasi squeaked out, ready to appease him at all costs, what a kiss ass.
“Make the necessary arrangements for the girl to stay with us.” He commanded with authority, “Oh, and Abasi make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Venom dripped from every word spoken as someone bandaged his sons arm.
“Sire.” Abasi bowed clearly shaken as he took his leave.
“What’s your name?” My savior asked as he waved off the twittering women signaling them to tend to my wounds first as we entered the Palace. The trip from the post to here was all but a blur.
“Lily,” I winced as whatever salve they lathered on my butchered flesh, stung. “You?” I asked gritting my teeth, trying to ignore the pain.
“Ramesses, eldest son of Isetnofret,” he laughed, it echoing around the room. I couldn’t help but notice the grandeur of this place, as I had been so focused on not passing out earlier on our way here.
“Where are you from?” He asked curiously, dismissing them while inspecting their handiwork personally.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“Maybe, maybe not,” He shrugged it off, taking a swig of wine from an ornate chalice, “you shall become my concubine. There is something about you, that...has enchanted me.”
“Wha-WHAT?!” I choked out, falling out of the bed I had been placed in, only to be caught delicately by Ramesses. “I refuse.”
“Why? Isn’t it every girls dream to have the affections of a Prince? Besides you’ll like the others.” He went on not noticing the sobs I was trying so hard to desperately hold them back, “I’m sure Cathia will - what’s wrong?” He frowned finally aware of my breakdown going on.
Mom...Dad...Chris... I was never going to see any of them again.
“Shhhh,” Ramesses soothed scooping me up into his arms like a newlywed bride, striding down the hallway as people couldn’t help but gwack.
“Out of the way Nyx,” He growled as a woman stood bravely in front of him blocking his path, “now.”
“No. You’re wife has been awaiting your return all day worried sick since she heard you were hurt, and here you are gallivanting around on your childish whims with a palace slave.”
Before I knew what was happening, my eyes grew heavy with sleep as Ramesses and the woman argued before me. Drifting off to sleep, I thought about the one thing that could always comfort me, Chris - his voice singing me to sleep, his bone crushing hugs, his presence that always made me feel safe as my parents screamed and fought with each other, who’d do anything for me.
“Mmmmmmmm,” I groaned stretching my arms, only to have my hand whack against the wall rather hard. Quickly opening my eyes, I took in my surroundings. I was in my own room! “Oh thank the Lord!” I laughed heading for the bathroom, shaking my head at my ridiculous dream while stripping off my clothes. With an irresistible urge, I glanced in the mirror as I turned on the shower, none other than the irritated, red cuts that ran down my back and the bruise of a hand on my face staring back at me.
“ was all real,” I murmured turning the shower off immediately.
“How is this possible?”
“Hey Chris,” I whispered quietly as he finally opened the door from my incessant knocking.
“What are you doing here so early?” School isn’t for another couple of hours, “Chris yawned while stretching, his long sleeved gray shirt riding up, flashing a hint of midriff and a teasing amount of hair disappearing under his red and black plaid pajama pants.
“What other sci-fi movies do you recommend watching?” I asked bluntly, getting straight to the point, trying not to hyperventilate as he silently scrutinized me.
“Since when do you like sci-fi? I thought they were way too ‘unrealistic’ for you.” He said his eyes glued to my cheek where I had painstakingly tried to cover the burning handprint.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I deadpanned, fidgeting as his eyes flickered to mine.
“Try me.”

- to be continued -

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