August 18, 2015

Training for a half marathon is hard enough, doing it with long, gnarly hair is even harder. We all know that it's healthier for your hair to be washed every other day or less. However, with my running schedule this summer I had to shower every day. I know this doesn't mean washing your hair every day, but  my fellow long-haired girls know that showering is a PROJECT with long hair. It takes forever to blow dry, and if you let it air dry it comes out ratty and snarly (or maybe that's just mine).

Basically, by the end of this summer, I was tired of my messy waves and ombre from last July. It was time for a change.

The plan was to do purple and ombre. As I looked on the internet more, I fell in love with the balayage effect.  However, I knew I had to wait until the end of the summer so I didn't go into my work and internship with purple hair. It turns out the store I work at didn't care, but I don't think it would fly at the House of Representatives. I'm glad I waited, because nothing beats going back to school with a new do. Also, the purple will fade in eight weeks, and I want to milk the purple on campus as much as possible. 

So, here is a picture that shows my long, dead-end ridden, lackluster, old ombre hair from this July. It also features a painting I somehow managed not to totally mess up. Yay paint nite!

This was the picture I showed the stylist:

My stylist, Colby form Fantastic Sams in Dracut, MA was AWESOME! He has YEARS of experience and was very knowledgeable about technique. He knew a lot about hair and how it reacts to different treatments, and made sure I had all of my best options for my hair.

To go from my drab to fab, it took four hours. However, it was so worth it. First, he lightened my hair at the tips and did baby highlights. I was blonde at phase one. After a wash and dry, the real color was applied. He dyed my roots and a few inches down from my roots a nice grey/silver with a touch of a smoky purple. Then, he did my tips and some highlights a bright purple. I am in LOVE!

I was so bored of having just my tips done. I had blonde tips for about four years on and off now. I think it's a more mature look.


I'm also geeking out about the silver and grey. I chose purple because I wanted to go as bold as I could, however if I also adore the silver and platinum looks that are popular now.

I love the faded purple.

I say switching up your cut and color is the way to beat the summer. However, I always liked to be equipped with the right gear. My friends at Madison Reed have come up with the perfect summer survival checklist:

Have I inspired you to switch up your style yet? If so, I have all of the tools to help you. If I didn't do this crazy purple, I definitely would have done a natural shade either lighter or darker. However, I would've had no idea how to go about that. I would've referred to the Madison Reed color advisor. I did it hypothetically, and got many gorgeous golden brown recommendations. What did you get? Do you think you'll follow through with one? Comment below!

If you choose to dye your hair with their dye, make sure to use these awesome products:

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