June 21, 2015

"What am I going to get the lovely, vivacious, fiesty, and funny Paul Vergakes for Father's Day?", I asked myself as I perused the aisles of Target like the yuccie I am. At first, I thought I would but him a little plant or something to add a little zen to his room. Then, as usual, I made a quick trip to the dollar section, which changed everything. I figured, instead of giving him zen, why not give him sugar?

While on vacation last week, my father and I had a conversation about the milk man coming to his house when he was younger. I also remembered his sweet tooth, and him taking almost 20 free "hi-chew" candies when we were at a Red Sox game last month. I thought, why not combine these two into a crafty, cheap Father's Day gift? 

So, I bought these two fruity, gummy candies for $1 each.

I bought a package of these adorable "milk bottles", $3 for the package.

So naturally, I put the candy in the milk bottles! Chews in one, gum in another.

These will be great decorations and treats for him! Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

Of course, I added, you're the sweetest inside the card. Couldn't resist a good pun.

What are your plans?
What did you get your dad? 

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