May 31, 2015

I may not "meal prep", however, I do sometimes make a big batch of something and have it multiple times throughout the week. That was my plan with these delicious sweet potato black bean burritos!

In my post about my vegan journey blog post, I mentioned that one day, the vegan gods of the dining hall shown down on me. Chartwells was serving sweet potato black bean burritos. I decided to make my own version with fresher, healthier, ingredients, of course. I basically put my Dollar Store Diva spin on them. 

The dining hall has to feed a bunch of starving college students on a budgets, so they had to use white tortillas and other shortcuts, of course. However, I only had to feed one broke, starving college students. I in this recipe, I used whole wheat tortillas, Green Giant niblet corn, mozzarella, sweet potatoes, and Bush's low sodium black beans.

Oh, sweet potatoes, how I love you. However, you're just too hard. Could you maybe soften up a bit? Just for me?

Sweet potatoes, when you buy them fresh, are very hard. You can't just mash them right away. I cut them into small pieces and microwave them for 5-10 minutes until they're a bit more soft.

After they softened in the microwave, I sautéed them in a pan with some maple syrup to give them a maple flavor. I put this pan on medium heat and covered it to finish the "make sweet potatoes mushier" mission."

While that mission was in progress, I sliced my mozzarella.

 After microwaving it according to the package instructions, I added the niblet corn along with the black beans. Time to mash this burrito filling together!

My mighty masher!

I'm many things, but not a great burrito artist. Chipotle would fire me ASAP. However, this is me trying to fill these puppies before letting them heat up in the oven. I also added the mozzarella, which will melt in the oven.

There they are in their glory!

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos

  • Whole grain tortillas
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 2 can of low sodium black beans
  • niblet corn
  • maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese


  1. Boil sweet potatoes to a soft consistency
  2. Preheat the oven to 350
  3. In a pan, sauté, sweet potatoes, maple syrup, niblet corn, band black beans
  4. Mash the mixture with a masher or a fork
  5. Spread the mixture in the tortillas and wrap them into burritos
  6. Bake the burritos for 10 minutes
  7. Let sit
  8. Enjoy!

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