April 08, 2015

Monthly Goals

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This post is April's Goals, not April fools! I promise you that none of these goals are tricks. I hope they're a treat however! March was a good, productive month. After spring break I really hunkered down and got a lot done. These goals will really be focusing on finishing this semester out successfully.

March Goals
  • Treat this cold and sinus pressure so it goes away before spring break Success!
  • Stay on top of grades some classes
  • Call home more often Success!
  • 1600 uniques close...
  • Put more hours in at work Success!
  • Gym 5 times a week Success - 6!
  • Keep my room more clean nope...
  • Post twice a week Success - sometimes three!
April Goals
  • Don't fall off of good eating habits just because lent is over
  • Make the transition for the new PRSSA e-board smooth and welcome them wholeheartedly
  • Learn about your role as VP of PRSSA
  • Conduct all your research for both of your research projects
  • Pass in your World Music paper research paper early
  • Keep posting twice a week
  • Run outside twice a week 

April goals bring May accomplishments! What are your goals for April?

Also, I'm conducting a research study for class, to see if there is a connection between fashion and persona identity. Take my survey here!

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