Athens and Aegina, Greece Photo Diary

April 13, 2015

Finally, here are my pictures from my trip to Athens, Greece over spring break, not just pictures of me in my outfits. We all love me my and outfits (right?), however let's just take some times to enjoy the sights. These pictures aren't in order. Enjoy!

A theatre used for politics to talk, plays, ceremonies, etc on the Acropolis.

From the top of the Acropolis.

The Parliament.

The University of Athens "Academy".

The Plaka District.

The site of the first ever Olympic Games, the Panathenaic Stadium.

A carob seed.

Athena's Temple, a part of the Parthenon.

"Changing of the Guards" in front of the Parliament.

Presdential Botanical Gardens


Church on the dock in Aegina

Orthodox church

My puppy friend on the ferry!

Tzaziki, Feta, and Pita.

The Metro!

Hadrian's Arch

My roommate and I after running a mile at the Panathenaic stadium!

A random zoo in the gardens. Birds, rams, and ducks were all in the same page.

A delicious lunch place next to our hotel named "Mommy's." I had potatoes and salmon. Amand had chicken and rice, and Jess and Nicole had Moussaka. 

Hanging octopus!

Only my third gelato of the trip...

The retro metro

The ancient marketplace the "Agora".

From the inside of the Acropolis museum, before the employees told us "no photo".

The view of the Acropolis from the Temple of Zeus.

Grek orthodox heaven.. no pun intended!

Natural reactions to our fish pedicure...

Too ticklish!

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