Fishbones of Chelmsford Review

March 31, 2015

"I don't feel like going to a chain restaurant tonight," said my mother. I couldn't have agreed more with her. I usually don't feel like eating at chain restaurants unless I'm having a craving... like the Roasted Artichoke, Spinach and Feta pizza on Uno's nine-grain crust

During my trip to Greece, I learned that European's biggest form of entertainment is going out and sharing a meal; that's why they take so long to get to your table to take your order, and for your food to come. Not only is it a relaxed lifestyle, but it's entertainment. It's rude for them to bring you your check without flagging the staff down.  I've always loved findng new places to eat that aren't chains, whether it be cafes, thai places, indian places, organic eateries, pizza places, froyo shops - you name it. I always say if my career as a PR pro doesn't work out, I could become a foodie.

My latest foodie conquest was Fishbones in Chelmsford, MA. My mother suggested it after we decided to go shopping in that same area.

Fishbones is located in the quaint downtown area of the mid-sized town Chelmsford, in MA. Downtown Chelmsford has an old New England village vibe, so Fishbones puts a modern spin on it with a modern style inside. The dining is split in half by the open-style bar, and the light blue color tones keep a chill mood.

The tap water is served just like they do in Europe. A refillable bottle is split by the table. (Fun fact - in Europe, it's rude not to pour your neighbor's glass of water.)

We started off with an app and salads. Our appetizer was an arrangement of local honeys and cheeses, served with cranberry bread. This dish is SO  New England.

My mother's salad consisted of two roasted Romaine lettuce head halves topped with blue and gouda cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, and their house vinaigrette.

My "Meyers Lemon Salad" was mixed seasonal greens topped with beets, blood oranges, fennel, goat cheese, mixed with a Meyers lemon vinaigrette and a balsamic glaze.

We both agreed upon the special of the day - herb roasted haddock, roasted brussels sprouts, bacon and fennel served with smoked maple accented mashed sweet potatoes.

I would give Fishbones a 9/10. Service was great, the design was modern and nice, the food was absolutely delicious and creative. I would have liked to seen a bigger selection, and a less noisy dining room. If you're ever in the Merrimack Valley, check it out!

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