February 03, 2015

On Sunday, my mom came up for a much-needed visit. For it being Super Bowl Sunday, I knew that it meant a lot for her to come. For her to drive all this way and be back for kick-off, it was a big risk for a big-time Patriots fan. If you couldn't already tell, yes, I was rooting for the Pats.

And thank God! Sorry to any Seahawks fans reading, but we kicked some serious ass. I think the end of that game was more of a show than the halftime show. I'm all for dancing sharks, Lenny Kravitz, surreal acid trips, and my girl Missy Elliot, but I love to see a fight break out even more. I'm so glad the Pats won, especially after the hardship of #DeflateGate over the past few weeks. I'm also relived for the NFL. The fact that the Super Bowl was so theatrical and entertaining might have helped shown a good light on the NFL after it's year of bad PR, such as the whole Ray Rice thing.

While my mother visited yesterday we were debating on where to go for lunch. I felt like getting out of Salem, so I looked at restaurants in Marblehead. When I came across the listing for 5 Corners Kitchen on Yelp, I saw that it was serving brunch then and I was instantly drawn to it. There's nothing better than Sunday Brunch!

5 Corners Kitchen is located in the quaint, seaside town of Marblehead in the historic North Shore of Massachusetts. Marblehead is easily accessible from the bike path right near my dorm. On Marblehead neck is "Castle Rock", a beautiful rock feature sculpted by the ocean.

In the downtown area of this seaside town is an intersection that has five corners. On one of those five corner is a modern Parisian bistro that serves some of the best brunch I've ever had.

The open concept dining room is minimalistic and modern. The Parisian touches include chandeliers and modern cutlery. When we opened the door, there was a thick velvet curtain there to block the cold air from coming in. How considerate! The waitstaff was courteous and knowledgeable. The only downside to my experience was I wish I knew I could've dressed up more. The crowd was business casual millennials and families. I was dying of jealousy of the pleather blazer of the girl next to me. I never miss an opportunity to dress up.

Let's go over the important part, the food. Everything on the brunch menu look so enticing, my mother and I couldn't decide on what to do. We decided on getting two appetizers and each an entree for each of us. 

For drinks, my mom got coffee and I got fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.We decided on getting beignets and yogurt, granola and berries for appetizers. The beignets were light fluffy, and sweet and were accompanies by a sweet icing that seemed like it was cream-cheese based. The Vermont greek yogurt was thick and sweet, and the ripe strawberries and blueberries along with the granola was a wonderful combination. The only thing I wouldn't have again was the shredded mint on top - there was just too much.

This was my delicious brunch. It was a house-smoked salmon and spinach Benedict with roasted potatoes. The bacon on the right was some the house-smoked bacon my mother got as a side. The poached egg and hollandaise sauce flowed over the crisp, buttery english muffin. The smoked salmon and spinach were great toppers. If anything says "salmon" or "spinach" on it, I pretty much always order it. It also came with roasted potatoes that were a bit spicy, but if I were someone that enjoyed spice, I know I would've liked it. My mother ordered an omelette that came with the same potatoes.

Overall, I'd give 5 Corners Kitchen an 8.5/10. Their service was polite and knowledgeable, their ambiance was modern and relaxed, and their food was high quality, creative, and delicious. I definitely am curious about their dinner menu!

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