January Goals

February 05, 2015

Monthly Goals

Most people think of love, valentines candy, and flowers when the think of February. As of recent, I will not have a "valentine" this year. Honestly, I feel so refreshed. I've spent the past two Valentines days with someone and as awesome and wonderful relationships are, and as my friends have told me, this is my prime time to be "single." On the practical end, it saves me a ton of money (besides for the money I'll spend on candy for myself). It also saves a lot of time getting ready and going out (besides the time spent with my GALentines). I've learned the important of friends and family as opposed to loved ones these past few months. Its such a great feeling to embrace my real support system.

February may be a short month, but there's still so much to accomplish in it! As I mentioned in my previews goals post, I said that I wanted to really hunker down and be productive on my blog and internships. I've definitely started making moves towards that, but the four snow days we had in the past two weeks have warranted more fun than work. I figure while I'm young, balance out the work and the play as best as I can, right? Below are my monthly goals!

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Here were my January Goals. How did I do? 

January Goals
  • Make the deans list - Success
  • Put up a good fight for the thing I can't discuss on here yet.. :P - Yeah, not going so well. The thing I couldn't discuss was the cutting of the cross country program.
  • Throw Ashley a fun and successful birthday party - The snow stopped it :(
  • Finish "Women in Clothes" - haaa....
  • Hit 2,000 unique hits this month - Almost...
  • Follow up on internship applications - Success! Got an interview.

February Goals

  • Hit 1500 Uniques
  • Make connections at conference
  • Win the challenge at conference
  • Stay on top of hybrid courses
  • Have a successful internship interview
  • Start going to SurfSet once a week

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