REVIEW: Keurig VoxBox #HelloKeurig

September 14, 2014

Even if you don't drink coffee, your friends have probably dragged you to their new favorite cafes or have asked you to go through a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru before heading out on a journey.  If you're an avid coffee drinker, you probably shell out big bucks for your coffee yearly. Whether you drink it or not, coffee affects our lives in many ways. According to, the regular coffee drinker (several times a week), spends about $500 a year on coffee. Here's how simplesavemn defines three types of coffee drinkers:
  1. Frequent speciality coffee shops at least several times a week to grab coffee on the way to work. Picking up coffee for yourself, not a social event, such as meeting a friend for coffee
  2. Daily coffee drinker, but brews something cost-friendly at home, such as regular old Folgers.
  3. Doesn’t really drink coffee much, unless it’s a social event, such as meeting a friend for coffee.
Where do you fall in this list? I see myself at #1 personally, which means I somehow drop $500 a year on caffeinating myslef. However I hope to transition to being a #2 user thanks to my new shiny Keurig 2.0 K550 from my influenster VoxBox! 

 This amazing Keuris 2.0 comes with and 80 oz. reservior, touch display, clock, strength control, a water filter, a starter carafe, and K Cup variety 6-pack and K-Carafe packs
The brewer itself cost $199.99, and a pack of k-cups usually goes for $10-$15 for 24 cups. Don't worry, I already did the math out for you, that means that it will cost you $0.50-$0.60 per cup of coffee! Compare that to $3-$5 for a medium or large coffee anywhere - Dunkins or Starbucks.

With a one-time investment of $199.99, you can save yourself up to $300 a year, by simply only replenishing k-cups, milk and sugar.

The 80 oz. reservoir feature means that you can brew 4 cups of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa to make a whole carafe for the week or mass sharing with your friends. It also means that you can brew a carafe of coffee, refrigerate it, and have iced coffee for the week! #DIYIcedCoffee, right? Not only can you brew full carafes, but you can brew lattes, cappuccinos, hot cocoa, and teas.

Fear not, you can also still brew your favorite single cups of coffee. The Keurig 2.0 houses revolutionary technology that reads each k-cup lid so that it brews exactly the coffee calls for. You can control the strength of the brew with smart settings. With 250 + varities and 40 + brands, the possibilities of your coffee creations are endless.


My roommates and I tested out the carafe-making process. Once it turned on, put about three bottles of water in the Keurig, then the water "preheated." Once it finished, we just followed the touch screen directions and selected "carafe" setting, then inserted my K-carafe into the slot. After that, we placed the coffee pot under, and it brewed away! The room smelled so amazing, I thoughtI could open a Starbucks right then and there. We now have hot or iced coffee for the week. The Hawaiin Blend  coffee that came with the Keurig reminds me of my wonderful trip to Hawaii and the indulgence of Kona coffee. 
The next morning, I used the coffee from the carafe and it saved me so much time! I just took it out of the refrigerator, poured it, and mixed milk and sugar! Sayonara, coffee line!
I can already sense that this coffee tastes like what it should be. Some coffee flavors taste very similar to others, but I could definitely taste the Hawaiian Coconut flavor in the coffee from the k-Carafe pack I used. My whole room smelled like we just opened up a coffee shop! Can't wait to many more pleasurable brewing experiences with my Keurig 2.0.

Who will win the battle of brewer vs. shop? Which do you prefer? Do you want to be #coffeeconscious with  a brewer by saving money and materials? Or, do you choose to go to your favorite shops every day and have them brew the coffee?

** this was a sponsored post via +Influenster. I received this product form +Keurig for testing and reviewing purposes.

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