July 27, 2014

As a young girl, my days from when I woke up until 4 or 5 when mom came home and my dad woke up to get ready for work were my own. I'm an only child, and my father worked (and still does) from the late night to the early morning so that my I could get picked up by my dad after school, not a babysitter. Even though I interrupted his sleeping schedule, I'm sure I was cute enough to be worth it.

So, in the summer I was completely dependent on myself for breakfast and lunch. I'd look forward to my lunchables and frozen kids meals, but my favorite frozen kid meal had to be the bagel pizza. I would even heat it up as a snack on the weekends. 

It's still kind of the same deal at my house now in the summer, except I can now drive myself to hang out with friends and to work and such. I was hungry for lunch one day but didn't want another protein pancake, yogurt, or sandwich. I was inspired to throwback to my childhood but keep it healthy. I was also craving beach pizza.. a lot.

So, I cooked up some clean bagel pizzas! This recipe is good for all ages, from adults who want to eat and remember the good days, and for moms that want their kids to eat healthy! My toppings and variety of cheese could really be any cheese or veggie, so you're welcome to play around all you want!

Ingredients (makes two pizzas, single serving) :
  • 1 Whole Wheat Bagel Thin
  • 2 slices of provolone cheese
  • a handful of feta cheese
  • half of a zucchini
  • half of a summer squash
  • 1/2 cup diced tomatoes

  1. Preheat the oven to 300
  2. Split the bagel thins apart, lay all four parts out on an oiled pan
  3. Dice half of a summer squash and half of a zucchini
  4. Place the diced veggies in a bowl with water
  5. Microwave the veggies for two minutes to steam them
  6. Spread the diced tomatoes on the bagel thins to substitute a tomato sacue
  7. Place the provolone cheese slices on the bagel thins

  1. Sprinkle the feta cheese on top of the bagel thins evenly
  2. Distribute the steamed veggies on top of the cheese for a tasty topping. (This is a vegetarian option, but if you wanted to add meat some diced smoked chicken sausage would be perfect!)
  3. Bake for 15 minutes or until ready
  4. Let cool for 5 minutes
  5. Enjoy!
There you go, a delicious and healthful throwback recipe! I love diced tomatoes as sauce, it adds just enough sweetness. The Bagel Thins should be in the bread aisle, they're the thin slices of whole wheat bread with a hole cut out in the middle.

Make sure to pin this recipe if you love it! If you make your own, make sure to tag my Instagram, @n_vergak!

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