I was nominated for a Leibster Award!

March 27, 2014

Hello all! Today I am eternally grateful. One of my internet friends, Carolyn from nominated me for a Leibster award! It's basically a chance for all us smaller bloggers to help each other out. It's basically a "tag" and I was given some questions to answer! At the end of this post, I will be tagging some fellow small bloggers with some questions for them. Let's get down to business.

Questions I got from Carolyn:

1. When you aren't glues to your computer screen, where can we find you?

You can probably guess, but probably running or at the gym. Or class or with friends. But other than when completely necessary, I'm glued to my computer screen.

2. Where did you get the best online deals?,,, and Forever 21 in store and out of store. Or I just put in whatever I want on WaNeLo and find the cheapest one!

3. Do you have a preference for what Internet browser you use? (Internet explorer, safari, etc)

Is Internet explorer really an option here? I use Google Chrome and Google Chrome Only. 

4. Have you ever been to Disney? What's your favorite ride?

I have, but not since I was 6 unfortunately. My favorite ride was the rock 'n' roll roller coaster,and my least favorite one was the tower of terror. I actually cried after waiting in line for an hour and they told me "no crying on the tower of terror!"

5. You get to have one exotic animal as a pet. Only one! What is it?

A sloth! They're way too cute. 

6. Is there a book you've read that's completely changed how you view some aspect of the world?
I've read all of John Green's books. I know everyone has, but they taught me a valuable lesson. Yes, every book has its separate lesson, but the one overall theme is the power that "kids" can have without parents. A lot of youth are looked over and not taken seriously, but John Green never leaves them out.

7. What's one kind of candy you doubt you could live without?

Reeses cups! Gotta have my peanut butter and chocolate.

8. Have you ever considered vlogging (or do you already)? Or is blogging your only main platform?

Yes! is do at

9. Are you excited for summer and the beach or are the winter 

holidays and snow more your style?

SUMMER AND THE BEACH! Well, I live in New england so I have to embrace all seasons, but given the choice I'd choose summer.

10. If you could write/photograph/style/design for any magazine, which would it be?

Ooo I like this question! Well, before I entered college I would've said write. I'd still love to have my own column some day, however I've been really into Graphic Design lately. I'm taking a class on it and it's really cool!

11. What's one nail polish that you always fall back on, no matter the season or occasion?

Essie's "naughty nautical" Because it's my actual favorite color and I always wear blue or colors that match it.

Thanks Carolyn for tagging me! These are the people I tag:
My questions for them:
1. Do you use liquid or powder foundation?
2. What's your dreams job?
3. Do you live in a land-locked or coastal state?
4. What your favorite app to use on your phone, and why?
5. What your favorite "cheat"/unhealthy food? The greasier the better!
6. Do you use coupons/look for deals when you shop?
7. What's the most visited website on your browser?
8. Who's your icon in the blogging/youtube sphere?
9. What's your dream concert lineup?
10. What's the favorite piece of clothing you own?



March 21, 2014

Some people are afraid to get into a workout or health eating schedule, however Karina and Katrina of Tone It Up make it a lot easier. They're easy to relate to, their workouts are fun, and their recipes looks delectable! Working out with Karina and Katrina are just like hanging out with two of your girlfriends. If you haven't headed over to then you should -- now!

They also make chocolate and vanilla protein powder, protein bars, and women's multivitamins on Today, I'll be reviewing the vanilla protein powder, and the Organic Chocolate Peanut Protein Bars!

I'm an absolute chocolate and peanut butter freak, as most people are (unless you're allergic, in that case I'm so sorry). I'm imagining waterfalls of chocolate and peanut butter right now as we speak. I love that this is a perfect, healthy chocolate peanut butter snack that I can feel good about. It has 7g of protein and 5g of fiber. 190 calories makes it a perfect snack, or pre/post workout! Pick yourself up one for $16 a box.

Perfect fit makes chocolate and vanilla protein powder. You can easily replace any recipe that calls for dough with it. It's way healthier, and adds protein and flavor! 70 cals for a packet of vanilla, and 80 cals for a packet of chocolate. Add it to shakes, pancakes, muffins, quiches, and more! There are no traces of gluten, soy, corn, GMOs, dairy, lactose, or fat. I think we've got all our bases covered here.

Now do you wanna see this powder in live action? Here's my recipe for peanut butter protein pancakes!

  • 1 large egg
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 tbsp. all natural peanut butter
  • 1 packet of Perfect Fit protein Powder
  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk

1. Blend the egg, one banana, milk and peanut butter in a blender.
2. Slice up the second banana and mix it with the other ingredients and the protein powder in a bowl.
3. Heat a stove top to medium heat, and coat a pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
4. Cook and flip the pancakes until they are brown on both sides.
5. Enjoy!

They were delicious! I hope you're all better at flipping pancakes than me. Oops! if you're interested in more, head on over to!

Here's a video of my reviewing the products and making the pancakes on the YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe!

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March 14, 2014

If you like your lips and want to keep them looking fierce and shining, I advise you to watch the announcement video above! I'm doing a giveaway with to win this lip gloss set from Smashbox, valued at $95! 

It starts today, 3/14/14, and will end friday, 4/14/14. It's international, too!

Smashbox Wondervision Lipgloss set (95$ value)

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BOOM that's it! I hope you all enter.

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bathing suit


March 10, 2014

Today is the day I started revamping my wardrobe for spring/summer. Actually, I lied. I already started online. But I had a strategy. I scoped the basics that I knew that I wanted online and bought the, after scouring multiple store website, Esty, and and Wanelo first. I bought a  pair of high waisted shorts from LoveCulutre, a flower crown and a pair of cat eye sunglasses from That way, I'd have more money to spend on other things when I went shopping, and no time would be wasted looking for those basics!

So today, I picked up some more essentials in-store from PacSun and Forever 21. After going through the grueling five steps of dealing with F21 (overwhelmed, seeing the same shirt in 5 styles, "I have no clue what I want", "I don't want any of this!!'", and finally acceptance), I came out with a new pair of tennis shoes, a daisy dress, a skater skirt, and two crop tops. I picked up a bathing suit from Pacsun. Let's take a look!

Top - $24.95 Pacsun, Bottoms: $14.95.

I wanted to try something new for bathing suits this year. I love these bright colors (they make you look more tan). The frilly bottoms are adorable and contrast with the clean-cut top. I love the geometric pattern of the top and its resemblance to a bra, and the cut-outs.

Navy Blue tennis shoes - $12.80 Forever 21
My other tennis shoes are either broken or dirty, so I went for a clean pair in my favorite color!

Top - 8.80 Forever 21, Skirt - $5.80.

I love this simple crop top, it will go so well with patterned skirts or shirts. There's also an acid wash detail to it. I loved the simple skirt, and thought I could pair it with patterned shirts.

Shirt $12.80 Forever 21.

This cropped "Bored Of You"tank is floral and has a ton of attitude. I couldn't resist.

Dress, $21.80 Forever 21.

It's daisy season! I love the daisy pattern of this dress. It can be casual or fancy, depending on how yo style it. It can also be worn with or without the belt.

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