March 10, 2014

Today is the day I started revamping my wardrobe for spring/summer. Actually, I lied. I already started online. But I had a strategy. I scoped the basics that I knew that I wanted online and bought the, after scouring multiple store website, Esty, and and Wanelo first. I bought a  pair of high waisted shorts from LoveCulutre, a flower crown and a pair of cat eye sunglasses from Forever21.com. That way, I'd have more money to spend on other things when I went shopping, and no time would be wasted looking for those basics!

So today, I picked up some more essentials in-store from PacSun and Forever 21. After going through the grueling five steps of dealing with F21 (overwhelmed, seeing the same shirt in 5 styles, "I have no clue what I want", "I don't want any of this!!'", and finally acceptance), I came out with a new pair of tennis shoes, a daisy dress, a skater skirt, and two crop tops. I picked up a bathing suit from Pacsun. Let's take a look!

Top - $24.95 Pacsun, Bottoms: $14.95.

I wanted to try something new for bathing suits this year. I love these bright colors (they make you look more tan). The frilly bottoms are adorable and contrast with the clean-cut top. I love the geometric pattern of the top and its resemblance to a bra, and the cut-outs.

Navy Blue tennis shoes - $12.80 Forever 21
My other tennis shoes are either broken or dirty, so I went for a clean pair in my favorite color!

Top - 8.80 Forever 21, Skirt - $5.80.

I love this simple crop top, it will go so well with patterned skirts or shirts. There's also an acid wash detail to it. I loved the simple skirt, and thought I could pair it with patterned shirts.

Shirt $12.80 Forever 21.

This cropped "Bored Of You"tank is floral and has a ton of attitude. I couldn't resist.

Dress, $21.80 Forever 21.

It's daisy season! I love the daisy pattern of this dress. It can be casual or fancy, depending on how yo style it. It can also be worn with or without the belt.

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