Social Media Frenzy!

February 19, 2014

If you're reading this right now, you can probably relate in me saying that I'm a social media freak. As a PR student, I have to be. However this brand "dollar store diva" already has a YouTube, and this blog, obviously. They say the best way to grow your brand is to 1. be genuine (a real representative from a YouTube networking company told me this) and 2. Have a huge social influence! As you can see, I'm trying to make banners and logos for this site, so they can be associated with it. Do you like my logo?
How do you like my logo? Cute? No? Okay.

So, where am I on on this social media web? I have my own personal twitter, facebook, instagram, google plus, and pinterest. For this blog, there is a blog and youtube, and now.... FACEBOOK!

I finally launched a Facebook Page for this blog! Please like it so I know who actually reads this, and you can get updates! I'd love to grow my brand so that I can create a community and also eventually merch! Imagine cute little workout tank tops, and t shirt with Dollar Store Diva on them. Imagine it and love it.
Some people dream of being pop stars, I just dream of having my blog known.

So yeah, follow that facebook page and also find me on twitter and instagram under the handle of n_vergak!

I have a few posts and videos planned for the upcoming weeks, and hopefully an exciting feature post. Stay tuned!

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