Beauty: Effortless Beachy Waves

August 15, 2013

I'm at my beach house in Cape Cod for the week, soaking up the sun and letting the sea salt do it's wonders on my skin and hair. It's no secret that sea salt works wonders for our lips, hair, and skin if you look at the many sea salt/kelp-infused products on the shelves, from sea salt scrubs, lip scrubs, and sea salt texturizing spray. I just want to blog about the no-fail products I've been using this week to keep my main healthy and maintain the essential beautiful beachy waves, not the ones that crash on the shore. 

My armory of products:
  • Lush Solid Coconut Shampoo bar and Conditioner
  • Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Line: Sea Kelp Texturizing and Sea Salt Spray
  • Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner
1. Lush's Solid Shampoos and Conditioner

It's no doubt that after our hair has been dunked in the ocean, the salt of the ocean has done it's job - dried it out. Our hands, legs, and definitely hair have zero hydration after the sun has dried it out. So, if you're showering after the beach, or even in the morning I highly recommend the LUSH Cosmetic's Trichomania solid coconut shampoo bar. It's Lush's most hydrating shampoo bar. Just rub it three times over wet hair in the shower and it will bubble up just like a normal shampoo. It smells amazing, combats dry and frizzy hair, and moisturizes like crazy! Rinse out and store in a cool, dry place or it will melt away :/. You should also check out LUSH's solid conditioner bars that are formulated for curly, crazy hair! The solid shampoos are perfect for travel. It's way easier than lugging a wet, sticky shampoo or conditioner bottle around.

2. Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Products

When it comes to post-beach hair care, or getting those Sel Gomez style beachy waves sans-sand, Not Your Mother's products take the cake! This whole week I've been using my texturizing cream religiously after I come home from the beach! Just leave your hair in a topknot or braid and lt it dry in it. Then, let your hair down and scrunch your hair with the cream, or spray the sea salt spray and scrunch as well. You'll get effortless beachy locks. I like the idea of using all natural ingredients such as sea kelp and sea salt. When you squeeze the cream in your hand, you can reassuringly feel the sea salt. The texturizing spray can be used year-round for hair that needs some sultry waves or extra hold. Both products are $5.99 at ULTA or sold in drug stores!


Don't just leave all the moisturizing to the conditioner and shampoo1 Argan oil and moroccan oil are the best known moisturizer for hair. Of course oily hair and skin is something to avoid, but the right amount of the the right type of oil applied to hair or skin can make it shine just enough and moisturize it! I apply a dollop of this argan oil and run it through my hair before I blow dry or air dry it, after my shower of course. It's just that extra bit of reassurance. I snagged this at TJ maxx for only $6.99!

So, there's my beachy waves regimen. Shower with the products, apply your oil of choice product, and sea salt it up after the beach. my last suggestion is to avoid using heat. Beachy waves are all about embracing the natural curls of your hair. Here's my beachy hair:



 Hope you enjoyed, check back often!

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