November 12, 2012

This Summer I was in an H&M in france and I fell in love with a cute tight dress with light pink and purple undertones. The design was unique and unlike anything that's been around lately - it was flawlessly edgy yet elegant at the same time. It was a design that alluded to a "Roscher test design" or as I like to dub it the ink blot design.

This design is no longer just used in psychological patients, its been seen lately in Topshops, H&Ms, and runways all around. It can easily be made casual with a top with this design, leather leggings, and boots or studded flats. Or, you can dress it up by wearing a dress with peplums and the design and black pumps. Go find your favorite piece including the roscher design and accessorize accordingly!

The two pictures above are credit to TopShop.com and the TopShop Facebook.
H&M Dress.

Here's a polyvore I made showcasing some of my favorite pieces displaying this trend!

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