OOTD - Edgy Parisian Princess

November 04, 2012

On some Sundays, I do the readings at my church for community service. With the very strict dress code, sometimes it's hard to dress the way I really like to. Let's be honest, who wants to cover up a really cute neckline or neckline detail - such as lace, glitter, etc, with a frumpy shawl that makes you look like an old bag? However, I think I nailed it today, by finding a chic dress with a modest neckline and good length - and of course, I added my own spice to it.

I call this look the "Edgy Parisian Princess" because that's exactly what It reminds me of. Also, the fact that I found this dress at an H&M in a little town in the Alsace Region of France on my travels this summer helps.  I always pick one central piece to build the rest of my looks around, and the dress was of course my garment of choice. The dress was from H&M as mentioned before, and it was only $25! Under it, I slipped on some lacy floral tights from Forever 21, ($7).  I paired those with some brown combat-ish, laced ankle boots, (Marshalls - $22).  Those are the most versatile pair of boots I own, and when it comes to shopping - versatility is one of the biggest things I look for. I had simple, large stud diamond earrings from the Swarovski in Austria on, they were 15 euro. The euro to dollar conversion changes every day, so if you want to look that up you can. Lastly, I thought i'd make the dress more form-fitting my wrapping the white belt around my waist (thrifted, $7). 

My hair is curled in the most effortless, but most effective way I've ever done it before! I simply left it in the sock bun over night. For most girls with wavy hair, a convenient feature about the sock bun is that after prolonged wear, it makes gorgeous curls! It's THAT easy. And that's not the last I'll be talking about the sock bun, my next post will be all things sock bun, however I'm not going to spoil it for you, you'll just have to read up! ;)

22 - Taylor Swift. (I have to admit  - I can't stop listening to Red. This isn't even coming from a Taylor Swift fan, it seems I've been converted!)
Stubborn Love - The Lumineers. (One of my new favorite folk bands.)

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