OOTD: Wedding Bells

May 11, 2015

Yesterday, May 10, was my cousin's wedding. It was my first wedding I've been to in a very long time. Just like any Pinterest-loving millennial woman, I love weddings. I don't plan on getting married for a very, very long time, but there's just something about planning a wedding that interests me. It definitely got the gears in my head grinding.
 Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Elle at Kohls
Shoes: TopShop
Cross-body: Francesca's Collections
Eyeshadow: Bare Minerals
Macscara: Benefit
Eyeliner: Victorias Secret
Eyebrows: Bare Minerals
Lipstick: MAC

I really love the two-tiered dress style. When I saw a bunch of them at Kohls, I knew I wanted to rock one. I liked this one the best because of the contrast between the black and the bright pink flowers. White, pink, and black. I love that it was nice enough out to rock sandal-ish heels. These shoes from TopShop are my go-to.

The wedding has held ay Promises to Keep in Derry, NH. It was a nice mix of outdoors and indoors, both were a beautiful setup. The gazebo was adorned with their initials. A bonus part of the ceremony was a "sand ceremony", where they blended different color sands to represent them becoming an intertwined family.

The cake was so cute, it looked like their initials carved into a tree. Surprisingly, it was raspberry-vanilla flavored. It was the best tree bark I've ever tasted!

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