April 29, 2015

I was at the Walk The Moon in at Lupos Providence, Rhode Island last week and I had one of those "novel" ideas that someone has probably thought of before, but in that moment it seems so new to you. I remember saying to my friends, "Guys, someone should make a buzzfeed listical of all the different types of people you meet at concerts, you know, the normal characters." My friends responded the usual "YASSSS." I was so pumped about my novel ideas until Google ruined my dreams, there were already tons of lists just like this out there. However, I will continue with my idea. Here is my list of the eleven types of characters you come across at concerts. 

1. The "My friends are up there"

Yeah, and I'm the queen of France.

2. The parent that doesn't want to be there

Anything to ensure their child's safety, though. You don't know what kind of crazy people you meet at concerts. They should have just read this blog post.

3. The parents that are more into it than everyone else

All that begging for the aux cord in their car finally paid off. 

4. The people that just met 

This interaction can go two ways: they're making lifelong friends or are trying to make a new romance.

5. The too tall guy in front of you

If you're short, it's inevitable.

6. The unfortunately short people

See above...

7. The awkward couple

That doesn't stop smooching and cuddling. 

8. Those who would rather watch the whole concert through their phone screen than their eyes

Watch out for their documentary of the concert on YouTube recorded through an iPhone.

9. The overly dedicated fans who made their own tee shirts

The aisles of the nearest Michaels has never looked the same since.

10. The head-bobber

It's easier than tapping your foot!

11. The boyfriend who just doesn't want to be there.

But his girlfriend was sooooooooo excited when he bought her tickets for her birthday!


Check out this movie my friend Antonio is in! 

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agave nectar

Four Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Morning!

April 24, 2015

Not everyone is a morning person. I know most people feel like waking up at the last possible minute, throwing some clothes on, and running out the door, however that leads to irritability and unproductiveness. Waking up a tad bit earlier to dedicate some time to yourself and your physical and mental well-being would be a step in the right direction of starting your day off right. Not to sound like your mother, your mother's mother, and your mother's mother's mother, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you skip breakfast, you'll only be focusing on how hungry you are during class, not the content. Here is what I do every morning to prepare myself for the day. If you don't do all of these, try implementing at least one!

1. Make yourself a nice breakfast
In the mornings, I like to treat myself to a wholesome breakfast of flaxseed waffles, greek yogurt with honey and fruit, or cereal. Treat yourself to whatever breakfast you like! If you're one of those people that can't eat too early and only grab a coffee, at least have a granola bar or a banana.. your potassium levels will thank you later!

2. Make yourself look great!
My roommate and I religiously follow the rule "dress well test well". I live and breathe by my mantra: if you're confident in your outfit, you're going to perform better in your classes, meetings, work, etc. "Look good, feel good" Either way you spin it, it's harder to fall asleep in dress pants and a button-down than in a sweatsuit. 

3. Look up mood-boosting Spotify playlist!
This is a new ritual as of this semester. I've recently become acquainted with Spotify because I love "collecting" music. The bigger my music library the better. Some people make origami and cookies.. I make playlists. I digress. Spotify has playlists for every genre and mood every time of the day. Every morning they feature playlists such as "Mood Booster", "Feel Good", "Happy Hipster", and "Acoustic Morning". Listening to them not only inform me of top hits and new songs, but also boosts my mood in the morning.

4. Be a little productive
If I have time in the morning, I either do a little blogging, schedule out tweets, talk on blogger network pages, or maybe even do some homework. My favorite mornings are when I get a good run in, get a coffee, and do a few errands. I feel like a "real adult."

It can  be hard to leave your comfy bed sometimes. How do you pump yourself up in the mornings?

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DailyLook LBD Style Challenge

April 19, 2015

Eeep! As a blogger, you have one of those defining moments when a company/website you love contacts you. I just had mine with DailyLook! They asked me to use one of their LBD dresses to style a spring look and enter my Style Set in their competition.

Dailylook does my dream job every single day - they put outfits together for fun. I always turn to them when I'm in need of some outfit inspiration.

An LBD is obviously a staple in many women's closets', however I feel like I haven't really gotten myself a good LBD. I was browsing DailyLook's LBD section and I fell in love with the different ways DL thinks of an LBD. There was fringe, lace, maxi, mini - everything. I chose the Glamorous Patchwork Fringe Dress as my dress to base my outfit off of.

1429221236_dl-127884-black-v0 Dl-125634-olive-v0 Dl-120255-black-v0 Dl-126168-tan-v0 Dl-87588_v0

The inspiration behind this look is if I was going to Boston Calling. The lineup is just "eh" to me this year, so I've decided not to go. However, I would definitely rock this LBD if I went.

For concerts and music festivals, it's always a struggle figuring out what to wear. However, festivals are also a land of fashion freedom. A music festival would be a great step in integrating LBDs into my daily life. I styled this with ankle socks and booties, a tan leather backpack, and a gorgeous army green lapel jacket. Backpacks are a MUST for music festivals, and last year it was cold and rainy at Boston Calling, so the jacket would come in handy if this year is a repeat.

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April 15, 2015

This lent, I went vegan. I've gone pescetarian before for a month, however this was on ANOTHER level. I plan on doing a whole post about my experience later. I'll admit it, I definitely had my cheat times. I would sneak in a piece of cheese on my sandwiches, or I'd dip my roasted potatoes in ranch (what, no one else does that?). After having rice and beans in some way, shape, or form for two meals a day, I was yearning for something new. Being at school has made it hard to experiment, however this weekend, while I was home, I experiment and made vegan pizza on my last day of lent.

For my consumer health class, we have to write a review of a health and fitness app. We had to rate the app on multiple criteria: entertainment, education, easy to use, reviews, and reliability. I decided to use the app "Substitutions" to make a recipe vegan. I chose to make vegan BBQ Chicken pizza. I learned a lot of different things using this app - for example I didn't know they made lactose free/vegan cheese and sold it at the store. This app not only substitutes for dietary restrictions, however it suggests similar products if you are out of something in your cabinet.

This recipe didn't come out totally vegan because I added feta cheese, and didn't particularly check the BBQ sauce or whole grain crust to see if it was vegan. You could make your own vegan BBQ sauce and pizza dough if you really wanted to veganize this recipe, however.

An obvious swap that Substitutions gave me for chicken was tofu. However, they also told me to add smoked paprika for it to taste like ham. I've never heard of that before, but it made sense. Instead of using the smoked paprika, I just cooked my tofu in a reduction of BBQ sauce and diced tomatoes, because I knew that the tofu would take on any flavor it was surrounded by.

My tofu, BBQ sauce, and diced tomatoes. It was nice to combine my sauce and protein all together.

These are the lactose cheese sliced I mentioned before. Each slice only has 40 calories, no trans fat, no saturated fat, and no cholesterol. Sprinkle cheese would be prime for this, however I opted for sprinkle cheese.

Here, I drizzled on some cilantro paste, feta, and BBQ sauce right before putting it in the oven.

Here's the finished product!

It was the perfect lunch!

BBQ Chicken Tofu Pizza

  • Whole grain pizza crust
  • Tofu
  • Cilantro Paste
  • Lactose free cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Diced tomatoes
  • BBQ sauce

  1. Preheat the oven to 350
  2. Simmer the tomatoes and the BBQ sauce in a pan on medium heat.
  3. Add the tofu to the mixture
  4. Put the mixture on top of your pizza crust
  5. Add the cheese slices, cilantro, BBQ sauce, and feta cheese
  6. Cook the pizzas for 10-15 minutes
  7. Let cool
  8. Enjoy!

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Athens and Aegina, Greece Photo Diary

April 13, 2015

Finally, here are my pictures from my trip to Athens, Greece over spring break, not just pictures of me in my outfits. We all love me my and outfits (right?), however let's just take some times to enjoy the sights. These pictures aren't in order. Enjoy!

A theatre used for politics to talk, plays, ceremonies, etc on the Acropolis.

From the top of the Acropolis.

The Parliament.

The University of Athens "Academy".

The Plaka District.

The site of the first ever Olympic Games, the Panathenaic Stadium.

A carob seed.

Athena's Temple, a part of the Parthenon.

"Changing of the Guards" in front of the Parliament.

Presdential Botanical Gardens


Church on the dock in Aegina

Orthodox church

My puppy friend on the ferry!

Tzaziki, Feta, and Pita.

The Metro!

Hadrian's Arch

My roommate and I after running a mile at the Panathenaic stadium!

A random zoo in the gardens. Birds, rams, and ducks were all in the same page.

A delicious lunch place next to our hotel named "Mommy's." I had potatoes and salmon. Amand had chicken and rice, and Jess and Nicole had Moussaka. 

Hanging octopus!

Only my third gelato of the trip...

The retro metro

The ancient marketplace the "Agora".

From the inside of the Acropolis museum, before the employees told us "no photo".

The view of the Acropolis from the Temple of Zeus.

Grek orthodox heaven.. no pun intended!

Natural reactions to our fish pedicure...

Too ticklish!

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