Fishbones of Chelmsford Review

March 31, 2015

"I don't feel like going to a chain restaurant tonight," said my mother. I couldn't have agreed more with her. I usually don't feel like eating at chain restaurants unless I'm having a craving... like the Roasted Artichoke, Spinach and Feta pizza on Uno's nine-grain crust

During my trip to Greece, I learned that European's biggest form of entertainment is going out and sharing a meal; that's why they take so long to get to your table to take your order, and for your food to come. Not only is it a relaxed lifestyle, but it's entertainment. It's rude for them to bring you your check without flagging the staff down.  I've always loved findng new places to eat that aren't chains, whether it be cafes, thai places, indian places, organic eateries, pizza places, froyo shops - you name it. I always say if my career as a PR pro doesn't work out, I could become a foodie.

My latest foodie conquest was Fishbones in Chelmsford, MA. My mother suggested it after we decided to go shopping in that same area.

Fishbones is located in the quaint downtown area of the mid-sized town Chelmsford, in MA. Downtown Chelmsford has an old New England village vibe, so Fishbones puts a modern spin on it with a modern style inside. The dining is split in half by the open-style bar, and the light blue color tones keep a chill mood.

The tap water is served just like they do in Europe. A refillable bottle is split by the table. (Fun fact - in Europe, it's rude not to pour your neighbor's glass of water.)

We started off with an app and salads. Our appetizer was an arrangement of local honeys and cheeses, served with cranberry bread. This dish is SO  New England.

My mother's salad consisted of two roasted Romaine lettuce head halves topped with blue and gouda cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, and their house vinaigrette.

My "Meyers Lemon Salad" was mixed seasonal greens topped with beets, blood oranges, fennel, goat cheese, mixed with a Meyers lemon vinaigrette and a balsamic glaze.

We both agreed upon the special of the day - herb roasted haddock, roasted brussels sprouts, bacon and fennel served with smoked maple accented mashed sweet potatoes.

I would give Fishbones a 9/10. Service was great, the design was modern and nice, the food was absolutely delicious and creative. I would have liked to seen a bigger selection, and a less noisy dining room. If you're ever in the Merrimack Valley, check it out!

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March 27, 2015

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you may have seen that I was in Athens, Greece over spring break. Don't worry, I'll be posting a full photo diary later. However, I thought I'd start off with a daily OOTD. These pictures are not in order, I think I have vacation-esia. The wonderful days just all molded together. However, I will keep these memories with me forever. Got the travel bug because of this? Stay tuned for my European travel guide?


SHIRT: Charming Charlie
PANTS: Charlotte Russe
SHOES: Forever 21

Location: Temple of Zeus

This was in the lobby of the beautiful Hotel Grand Bretagne in Syntagma Square.

Necklace: Forever 21
Shirt: Urban Oufitters
Shorts: Zara (bought the night before)
Shoes: Marshalls

Jacket: Old Navy
Necklaces: Forever 21
Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: American Eagle
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: TOMS

From the top of the Acropolis

Sunglasses: Boohoo
Tank Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: American Eagle
Leggings: Express
Sandals: Payless

The shores of the island Aegina

Bucket Bag: Old Navy
Cardigan: American Eagle
Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Marshalls

LA or Greece?

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aaron west and the roaring twenties

Music Mondays: St. Joes Keeps Us Safe

March 23, 2015

To me, side projects are a just fun tidbits added along to the songs I already know by my favorite artists. I never seriously listened to them repeatedly like I do with my favorite artists - until now.

Summer 2014, the lead singer of The Wonder Years Dan Campbell, known as "Soupy" in the scene, released a solo side project  album "We Don't Have Each Other" called under the stage name Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties. The album tells the story of a man's worst year of his life. It's the story of him struggling over his father's death, his wife's miscarriage, and his wife leaving him. It sounds sad, and it is. However, I'm weird and I like sad music, it makes me happy. The songs have a chill melody and relaxed vibe, although the music is sad. The pure emotion makes me feel so much, I love music that makes me feel. 

The songs I'm sharing today is "St. Joe Keeps Us Safe" is in my opinion Aaron West's lowest point. The song talks about him taking NYC public transportation to see his Irish Catholic mother. He vents to his mother about his father's death, the miscarriage, and his wife leaving him. His mother recognizes that they've never been that low, but encourages him that things will improve. I love this song because it's so real. I plan on doing an acoustic cover to it... stay tuned?

I got sick of the silence,
I got tired of the dark,
I was sleeping in late, I was wasting away, I was dying in small parts.
So I lit up a smoke and,
Took a walk through the park.
The dead leaves scrape concrete making it sound like you're next to me, arm in arm. 
I was putting holes in the drywall. 
I was hoping you'd save me from me. 

I'm gonna go see my mother. 
Take the LIRR. 
Walk the cold Brooklyn streets towards Astoria, Queens 
out to West Babylon. 
I walked up the driveway. 
Saw my Daddy's old car. 
He's been gone for months but we covered it up. It still sits in the yard. 

Well I spent my whole life saying I'd never need no one 
but I think I might need you. 
I think I might need you. I think I might need you.

We sat in the kitchen. 
My mother's a soldier of god,
and so paintings of Jesus,
and statues of saints still adorn all the halls,
But we'll never go hungry,
thanks to the infant of Prague,
and St. Joe keeps us safe cause we buried him deep in a hole in the backyard. 
I know things ain't been good since dad died. 
I know you don't need this from me. 

But mama, I'm breaking. 
There's no light in the dark. 
Dianne left this week. She said, "Son, look at me. I know we ain't been this low before
and I'm sorry Aaron. 
I know this year has been hard. 
If you're hurt then I'm hurt. 
I won't make it worse. I'm always in your corner." 

Well I spent my whole life saying I'd never need no one 
but I think I might need you. 
I think I might need you. I think I might need you.

Something's wrong.
I been waiting here too long.
She said, "I knew something was wrong. You ain't called here in too long. 
Take the car and run. Take the car and run. Take the car and run."

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March 21, 2015

Ah, HerCampus. How else would I know what to do if I spent all night watching Gossip Girl instead of studying for my midterm? How else would I know how to get the cute guy in my anatomy lab's attention? Well, now you and me both can get these rich tidbits of advice not only on or on our phones, but on paper! That's right HerCampus is coming out with a book!

"The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life" is the title of the book that will help you land internships, stay healthy, and make hard decisions all throughout college. Here are some important dates to remember:

PREORDER your copy by March 31
April 3 will be a special Google+ Hangout with HC cofounders Stephanie, Windsor, and Annie where they will answer all of your questions regarding college life.
April 4 is release day!

Did you hear that? If you preorder the book here by March 31, you will be emailed a link to a "live Google Hangout with Her Campus co-founders Stephanie, Windsor, and Annie where they will answer all of your questions about college life, starting their business, and more."

Can't wait to add this to my bookshelf!


A "New" Fitness Journey: Surfset

March 12, 2015

I love starting new fitness journeys. Basically, this just means me starting a new exercise routine or workout type to switch things up, getting into the routine, improving, and incorporating it into my life. My past fitness journeys, since I was age three until now, go as follows: Gymnastics, Dance, Teeball, Softball, Basketball, Cross Country/running, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, and now Surfset. The journeys I have stuck to are Cross Country, Pilates, and now SurfSet.

SurfSet fitness is a combination of cardio, yoga, and pilates moves performed on the boards you see above. They are Surfboards mounted on three small yoga balls. SurfSet has become a revolution in gyms across the country and is in over 200 locations now. 

Surfset was developed by Mike Hartwick, Sarah Ponn & Bill Ninteau in 2011. Mike played professional hockey after graduating from Dartmouth College and was in intense shape after rigorous hockey training. He spent a whole summer surfing, and was surprised how in shape and at ease he felt on the ice after a summer of surfing. There must be something to this surfing thing, he realized. After retiring from hockey for a job in finance, he lost some motivation. He missed the impeccable shape he was in from his hockey past, and the fun workout of surfing. His solution was a surfboard on an inflatable noodle. He brought this contraption to the gym with Bill Ninteau, and his trainer Sarah Ponn was very intrigued by this device. Eleven prototypes and a country tour later, they were picked up by Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban on ABC's show Shark Tank. 

Surfset is the perfect answer for the gym rut. Don't get me wrong, I love the bike, stairmaster, kettlebells, squat machine, etc (except the treadmill). However, a group exercise class is always a way to get me motivated to go to the gym if I'm afraid of monotony. Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 at the fitness center at my school are now my happy place. Being a former team athlete since sixth grade, I'm definitely one for group exercise. Those who work out with partners work out for 160% longer and can burn 63 more calories (source). 

The typical SurfSet class could look something like this:

Warm up - step on and off board, stretching, hopping on and off the board
Cardio (30 second intervals): Push ups on or off the board, planks on the board, mountain climbers, jumping on and off the board, etc.
Core (30 second intervals): Typical ab moves, like leg lifts, sit ups, holding yoga positions
"Swimming" sessions

I haven't been paid or asked to do this by anyone affiliated with SurfSet, I've just been loving my SurfSet classes so much here at school, I thought I'd share it with my lovelies! As a Pilates lover, I hope I lead a fellow Pilates lover in the right direction. One opposition someone may have is that they're bad at balancing or have no coordination. My answer to that is I'm in the same boat! Why do you think I run? Because my lack of hand-eye coordination has benched me in every other sport I've played, duh! However, there are many modifications, just like any exercise program, and the board is easy to get used to. I highly recommend it!

Have you ever tried SurfSet?
Would you ever try SurfSet?

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OOTD: A Lesson In Etiquette

March 09, 2015

Hello, lovelies! You know when you put an outfit together and outfit and you're just like, "this is totally blog-gable, I must blog this!" Or maybe that's just a blogger struggle... 

This morning at our PRSSA meeting, we had an established manner coach, Jodi Smith, who has been on the Today Show, GMA, and more come and teach us some business etiquette. We thought it was appropriate to dress up in business casual attire. I thought I'd use a new-old sweater I found at a thrift shop for $5 this weekend, and the newest addition to my statement necklace collection to base my business casual outfit. PR is a trendy business atmosphere, so I thought since it was a PRSSA meeting I would have some room for trendiness.

Sweater: H&M, $5 thrifted
Necklace: Francesca's Collections $28
Pants: BDG for Urban Outfitters $40
Shoes: Payless $15

Love the mixing of  edgy and sweet using pearls and a chain. 

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Guest Post: Young Living Essential Oils

March 05, 2015

Hello, lovelies! I have a super special guest post for you all today from Young Living Essentials. This wonder home remedy contacted me through passionfruit. I thought they had a cool message and product, so I figured I'd share the post with my readers. Only the best for you guys! 

This is a paid advertisement.


Monthly Link-Up: March Goals!

March 03, 2015

Monthly Goals

As every month goes by, I'm more and more surprised at the speed that life flows. It feels like November was only yesterday. I don't know about your life, but mine has been ever-changing this year. One of my mottos, besides "life begins at the end of your comfort zone" is that the only constant in life is change. Change, to me, is good. Change means growth in all genres of the word. Change means finding yourself a little bit more every day. At least during all of these changes in my life, a constant that I can have are these monthly link-ups! Goal setting and tracking is a great way to measure milestones, no matter their size. Let's see what this month will bring!

This is part of the monthly link-up at

How This works:
  1. Follow your hosts My So-Called Chaos and A Peek at Karen's World to keep up with this link-up.
  2. Write up a post recapping last month's goals and setting goals for next month.
  3.  Make sure to include the button in your post by grabbing the code above.
  4. Link up your goals post with the monthly linky which goes live on the first Thursday of the month.
  5. Visit other links in the party to show support and offer advice for other goal setters.
  6. Have fun and make some new friends!
Febuary was definitely more successful than January. The "yikes 2k15" factor of the year throwing curveballs in my face has settled down. Now, I've got a few good things lined up for the rest of my year, and I'm ready to keep kicking ass! If I had one hashtag to describe my life, it would be #GirlBoss. It's so empowering. Now, if this cold and sinus inflammation would dissipate, I'd be totally back on track

Febuary Goals

  • Hit 1500 Uniques Success! And 55 over goal.
  • Make connections at conference Success! Got many business cards
  • Win the challenge at conference almost...
  • Stay on top of hybrid courses I'd say success
  • Have a successful internship interview Had to cancel, but landed another internship in the State h]House soooo success!
  • Start going to SurfSet once a week Success!

            March Goals
            • Treat this cold and sinus pressure so it goes away before spring break
            • Stay on top of grades
            • Call home more often
            • 1600 uniques
            • Put more hours in at work
            • Gym 5 times a week
            • Keep my room more clean
            • Post twice a week
            What are your March Goals?

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