Will you be Classic, Flirty, or Vampy for Valentines Day?

February 11, 2015

Why are we drawn to the colors red and pink on Valentines Day? I was so curious about this question, I took it to the only place that will give you a straight answer in this world: Google. I was very pleased with the historic context behind the answer! St. Valentine, the man behind the big day, was a martyr. Red represents the blood of a martyr. So, that's the "bloody" reason why everyone gravitate towards red on Valentines Day. I figured what better way to honor this martyr than to jump on the blogging bandwagon and do a red-lip inspired post.

However, like love, red lips don't deserve just one special day to be celebrated. I'm a firm  believer in a statement lip year-round. However, I also love pink lips, whether they be light or bright. I fit in a flirty pink lip into this post for my fellow pink lovers.

What look are you? I feel the most "myself" with a pink, flirty lip, and a flowy, flirty top and cardigan. Here are three directions to take this Valentines Day, by my top 3 lip product recommendations and outfit ideas!

1. The Classic Look

Sweater - $28 Blackfive
Necklace - $10 Amazon
Shoes  -$48 HEELS.com
Pants - $20 NEWLOOK.com 
Lips - Smashbox Lipgloss

2. The Flirty Look
Necklaces - $5.50 Etsy
Pants  -$30 Blackfive
Booties - $98 TOMS
Lips - MAC Impassioned

3. The Vampy Look

Ear Cuffs - $35 Claires
Dress - $50 ASOS
Jacket - $90 BONADRAG
Booties - $75 ASOS
Houndstooth Tights - $9.90 Forever 21
Lips - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable

I'm dying to know, what look are you? Comment below: classic, flirty, or vampy?

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