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April 03, 2014

Keep Up - Lately on Instagram

Like everyone else, my instagram is the portal to my daily life. I thought I'd start doing a "personal" post every once in a while, summing up my instagram and what I've been doing. I thought it would be a nice refresher other than me barking at you to buy a piece of clothing or do 50 roll ups. (If you didn't get the roll-up reference, check out my latest youtube video.) Here's what I've been up to lately according to my instagram

The oldest picture is of my cohost for our radio show "Dom and Nik at Night", Dominique, and I at the young the giant concert! We got right up to the barricade the whole time. It was such an unreal experience, I almost cried. SO MANY FEELS. Also a great tip  - eat at the House of Blues before so you can "skip the line", just show your receipt at the door

The end of March was the one year anniversary of my Nanny and Papa's death. They were two angels for me my whole life. They loved me with their whole heart, because I'm an only child so I got all the looooove. I miss the 4-hour trips up to DownEast Maine. However, their love was an eternal love story. I'll cherish them forever.

This weekend my I showed some Pennsylvan-ians around  the Witch City and the Boston area. We explored the best of what downtown Salem has to offer. We came across the Derby St. Bookstore, yes, the one from tumblr! All of the books are piled on top of each other, but you can easily find a gem. The owner is retiring and the store is going out of business, so it was all 70% off! I found a Gossip Girl book, and a book called "The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR." I'm such as communications nerd, I squealed as soon as I saw that.

This is a picture of my roommate (far left), me (middle), and Tiffany, one of the Pennsylvanians (far right). We desperately wanted to try French macarons. On a rainy day in Boston, we finally found them at Modern pPstry. They were DIVINE! The owner of the small North-End bakery gave us free biscotti as well.

A final cool thing that happened this week was that my Writing for the Media class went to the TV Studio of my school. I learned how to be the "on-air talent", work the control room, and work the camera. It was super fun! I'd have to say my favorite part was working the camera. My first dream was the be a news anchor (only after my dream of being the next Britney Spears failed). My TV Crew here is Victoria, Me, Marcio, and Dominique!

Thanks for much for reading this, I hope my life currently is interesting, or at least a part of it!
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