Style: iMerchandise App Revolutionizes the Social Fashion Scene

January 09, 2014

Every day the sea of young and creative minds creating their own businesses thanks to social media is growing. There are countless online boutiques out there, only some such as Jac Vanek and Bethany Mota have made it into stores. On instagram, one of my favorites is Lauren Alexandra and Andrea Russett's shop "FLAWD" clothing. Scrolling through a social media website can be as easy as shopping now. What if there was an app that made the line between these designers and retail even thinner?

But there is! A brand new, revolutionary app on the market for fashion wholesale buyers out there is called iMerchandise. It is designed for fashion buyers, to make their lives a lot easier. If you're a fashion buyer or am looking to get into this, market, I strongly guarantee giving this little blurb a proper read-through.

This app helps fashion buyers make the experience of buying for wholesale stress free. You can share you favorites on social media, and even organize looks by category! Organizing makes everything easier! The website states that, "This app also allows the user to combine fashion week photos and line sheets from multiple showrooms and turn them all into polished looks. iMerchandise can be used todevelop and send orders to vendors and coordinate deliveries, all within your time constraints."

  • Create a wish list for every event and show you attend
  • Set up boards to organize the pictures you took, so they don't get lost in the shuffle
  • Organize all of this information by "events"
  • Find specific details about every product
  • Organize photos
  • Organize orders effectively
  • Organize suppliers
Check out this video for more information.

Definitely check out this website and the app to make your job fun and stress free!

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