October 25, 2013

This is a classic 60's style Peter Pan collar dress. It is made from a smooth, silky synthetic fabric with lace accents at the collar and sleeves. It has puff sleeves, darts at the waist for a perfect fit and a long invisible zipper down the back for easy donning. I can make this dress in different color combinations and lengths, please inquire! Looks great with lace tights. Made-to-order by hand in New Orleans with a vintage pattern and recycled or new materials. *This item is available for wholesale order, please inquire at for details. Thanks for looking!



October 23, 2013

Living in Salem, Massachusetts halloween has been on my mind since the beginning of September. Apparently, it's been on the fashion designers and brands' minds as well. This autumn has been a lovely three-way marriage of good timing: fall sweater weather kicking in, the trends of black and white and skulls and spikes, as well as Halloween actually starting. This marriage has produced the cutest "Halloweenie" fall trends. I found an adorable and affordable outfit exemplifying these trends!

This chic skull sweater is perfect for both winter and fall.  It's just like every trend this season: a mix of girly and edgy. You can find it at urbanog for $36.70!
I'm obsessed with these ghouly and girly bat leggings from Urban Outfitters for $19.99. They're almost ombre with the bats!

I know these are a little out of price range, but Doc Martens does the black bootie perfectly. These are on point to top this costume off for $120.
This is almost too cute to be spooky. This is a bone cuff from Karmaloop for $39.95. That is steep for costume jewelry, however it is from Karmaloop, a website that takes designer clothes and sells them at half of retail price. A gold yet eerie piece is perfect for topping off this outfit.

Coming from a girl that can't stand to watch any of the Paranormal Activity movies, I'm in love with this look and the trends. The irony of feeling cute in usually spooky things intrigues me. Maybe living in witch city has me biased, however it sells. Tis the season!

Tonight's The Kind Of Night - Noah And The Whale
Another Is Waiting - The Avett Brothers


Style: The Four-Season Flower

October 16, 2013

I don't know if I share this impulsivity with everyone, but sometimes when I'm browsing the internet and I come across a certain trend or piece of clothing I HAVE to have it! I usually see a piece of clothing out of my price range, so I scour cheaper websites or the sale sections, load up my debit card, and ship it express to my house. My mindset is always, "my style will be all perfect and put together if I have this ONE piece."
So, that happened with designs of daises. I've been seeing daises on everything from dresses to leggings to bralettes. I saw some in the summer, and now they're transitioning through the fall. It's a whole new type of "floral" patterns, and to me, it's the evergreen of florals. It can work through summer, winter, fall, and spring. They work in the warmer months because of the summery colors and design, and it is usually on the back drop of black, so it works in the winter and fall. Jac Vanek has weaved it in effortlessly into her line with Element at PacSun. I adore every piece. Here are two of my favorites:
Daisy skater dress - $44.50
Bralette - $29.50

I adore Jac and her feel-free attitude, it effortlessly flows into her clothes. I will definitely be adding more daisy pieces to my wardrobe, whether they be impulse buys or not. What's your obsession of the moment?



October 09, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club, a four-piece Irish Indie Rock band, has been blazing the indie music scene since their start in 2007. However it wasn’t until the hits “What You Know” and “I Can Talk” gained success on their debut album “Tourist History” things started to pick up. Now they’re headlining an tour across America and spent two nights in Boston this past weekend, October 5th and 6th at The Royale nightclub.

They must have felt home with Boston’s overload of cozy pubs, because at the end of their set they thanked us for welcoming them so warmly to our lovely city. Being the gracious hosts they are, they chose two amazing up and coming indie bands to open for them. I can foresee these bands picking up fame as fast as TDCC did.

The first band was “Small Pools”. I loved how young and upbeat they were. Everyone usually just watched the opening acts unenthusiastically, waiting for the main event to go down. However, I was in no way passively watching this band perform. They played all of the songs off their self-titled ep. My personal favorite was an upbeat indie pop song called “Mason Jar”. The announced that once they get home they will be working on an album. I would definitely check it out to have summer jams to cruise around in my car.
Inline image 1
The second band was “St. Lucia”, a five-piece band, including a girl on the keyboard, with a new wave, electric sound reminiscent of the band “The Shins”. With an 80’s era sound, they sure got the crowd involved.
Inline image 2
Finally the main event, Two Door Cinema Club. I was too excited to sit still! They graced the stage well dressed and hair slicked back like the stylish Irish men they are. Flashing lights made the stage look like a rave and the wonderful indie rock filled the Royale. The y played some of my favorites including “Something Good Can Work”, “This is the Life” and even a song I was pleasantly surprised to hear, “Under Cover Martyn”. For an hour and a half I was on cloud nine. I would definitely say I am pleased with this being my first time seeing them, and would for sure see them again. They’re just going to keep growing in fame. 
Inline image 3