July 22, 2013

Pacsun, Element, and Jac Vanek... three of  my favorite things when it comes to style all combined in one. I've said before that my style can be edgy from time to time, especially when I go to shows such as Warped Tour. In the summer, it's just easier to pull off this style by pairing high waisted shorts, a cropped muscle tank, a bandana and vans. My favorite designer to go to for muscle tanks, bralettes, and  crop tops is Jac Vanek. She started off designed the thick bracelets that had catchphrases like "Dream", "Legit", and more. Now, she's grown to be one of my fashion icons because of her fantastic style, determination, and success as a businesswoman. Here's a picture of me meeting her at the Mansfield  Warped Tour! 

You can tell her style by her outfit, her muscle tank that says, "Math Sucks" and her huge cat eye sunglasses.  The whole Element x Jac Vanek like is about embracing your free spirit and youth. Live while you're young, basically! The clothes are as freeing as they look and are equally stylish. The line is both at Zumies and Pacsun. Here's the links and a few of my favorite pieces!

I adore the message and look of this tee. Just like every other piece in these collections, it's a bit trippy, stylish, but packs a punch. I might get this for myself for $27.95 at Zumiez!

Rare - Man Overboard
The Other Side - Jason DeRulo
Free Now - Sleeping With Sirens


Style: NOTHING Is the New Black

July 17, 2013

picture courtesy of Necessary Clothing

Some words such as risque, harlot, maybe even trampy maybe race across one's brain when they lay their eyes on the pictures above. However, for those who have been paying attention to the trends in store this summer you may use the adjective trendy. My email from Necesary Clothing informing me that "skin is in" made realize this is so true. And the way skin is exposed is ever so tasteful. We're not pairing a midriff with booty shorts, we're tastefully adding cut outs or see-through lace where nothing risky is showing, or even just exposing a shoulder. You keep it trendy, they keep guessing. The trend of showing a little skin is all about knowing how to do it right. Just enough to keep it interesting! It's even crept into activewear, with most active tanks being backless. Here's some affordable and easy staples to ease you in to this trend! This absolutely adorable blue cut-out dress from indie fashion marketplace displays this trend on point. The price is right at $36!
or this is more whimsy from PacSun for $46.87!

I'm a sucker for grunge, so this white skull cut out shirt is perfection at $25 on Etsy!


Lookalike: Crazy for Carly Aquillino

July 16, 2013

We all know and love her as the way she describes herself, "The girl with crazy colored hair covered in tattoos and the annoying voice." However, we wouldn't want her any other way. If you don't know who Carly Aquillino is, please tune into girl code on MTV. We love her SO much, we want to recreate her look today. After watching her on instagram and on TV, I found her style is similar to mine, a little edgy and cute. Mimicry is the highest form of flattery, it's girl code.

all pictures from

1. The Outfit
As I said, thankfully Carly and I will have similar style. Maybe some of her charming and absolutely hilarious personality will rub off on me as well? Probably not! Anyway, for the outfit i'll be wearing my favorite purple and distressed high waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters, as well as my "Chill Out" croptop from "freshtops" one of my favorite online stores for crop tops! I figured I'd add a girly touch with the pink hair wrap and an edgy touch with my black crochet toms. I'm wearing my skull bracelet, and as usual my alex and ani bracelet with my pandora. I just left my hair down after it being in a bun. I figured it would be cute with the hair tie, and since she always has luscious curls I thought I'd attempt to recreate them. However, I can't recreate her firetruck chic hair, even though I'd love to. I still live under my mother's roof.

2. The Makeup
As you can see above, Carly is a natural beauty anyway. Her features blend together to make an effortlessly beautiful face. When makeup is used correctly, it can make those features pop. That's why the makeup will be natural with some big highlights. The face is easy, spread on your favorite bb cream and them highlight your cheeks with a bright pink blush. Fill in your brows so that they stand out with your favorite brow pencil. Then, secure them with either brow gel or clear mascara. Next, thickly your upper lash line with Revlon Colorstay eyeliner and wing it out. For Mascara, my favorite is either Benefit's NastyGal or the waterproof Falsies. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. If you want, make your inner corners pop with white eyeliner. Lastly, apply the "Pink Punch" babylips by maybelline for a bright pink lip. 

3. Effortless Hair
I've seen Carly with her hair up and down, but with a color like that it doesn't really matter. Either way, have your favorite hair tie, mine is pink in the add drama that her hair color would normally add. If you're gonna bun it, make it big! If you're gonna have your hair down, make your curls big and luscious.

Aaaannd here's my attempt! If you tried, (which you totally should) then either comment below, message me on youtube, tweet me, or email me at! Never be shy to contact me! :)

hawaii tropical vacation benefit wanelo pacsun target fashion clothes beach vacation hawaii resort

Style: Hawaii 2013 LookBook

July 05, 2013

If you were wondering what I wore on my tropical Hawaii vacation, here is the preview of the video!  It's a mix of outfits for the day as long as some flowy dresses and maxis to wear at night. All the hairstyles and accessories too. Hope you're inspired!

day 1:
t shirt: American eagle
shorts: charlotte russe
necklace: thrift store
shoes: old navy
day 2:
romper: forever 21
bag: pac sun
shoes: forever 21
necklace: thrift store
day 3:
crop top: freshtops
shorts: pacsun
shoes: flea market
bow: wanelo
bag: pacsun
night 3:
top: charlotte russe
skirt: target
shoes: forever 21
bag: pacsun
day 4:
shirt: delias
shorts: old navy
shoes: target
bracelet: pacsun
night 4: necklace: thrift store
maxi dress: target
day 5:
shirt: TJ Maxx
shorts: Savers
Bracelet: pacsun
shoes: TOMS
bow: wanelo