February 24, 2013

I may have a little over three months of senior year before sweet summer to go, however my mind is already in summer mode. Well, it is fashionwise. After disposing of most of my shorts that don't fit after I dropped a few sizes, I knew that I needed to stock up on all new shorts. I also was inspired to turn on my summer mindset after skiing in Vermont and freezing my face off all day - a chill as big as that  would leave anybody craving palm trees and pina coladas.

So, here's my mini haul of my shopping trip today. The haul includes purchases from TopShop (Nordstrom), Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Lush. I did more damage at Forever 21 and TopShop, however that will be covered in my next fashion post about Firmoo eyewear!

Even just the colors in this photo make me yearn for summer. 

Starting from the left, is my natural eye palette from Forever 21. I wandered around Sephora for a bit and drooled over palettes and bronzers from Benefit, Nars, and Urban Decay however I knew I could find some for much cheaper at other stores. While in line at Forever 21, I luckily laid my eyes on this palette that has three times the number of beautiful natural tones than any other palette I saw at Sephora.  Not to mention, some of the brown tones can double as bronzer. All for $5.80. I still lust after the Naked 2 palette. Some day, Nikki, some day.

Stand out sunglasses are a trend for the spring/summer and I've begun stocking up. This is my second pair, next to my heart-shaped ones I snagged at the Maroon 5/Neon Trees concert. These Del Mar Rounds shades are from Urban Outfitters and I snagged them for $14. Also at Urban I got my first pair of distressed dyed high waisted shorts, these were $49. Lastly, I got a nude bralette for $24.

The adorable nude suede strappy sandals I picked up at Forever 21 for $21.80. I got them because I thought the back was unique and they were go with many outfits to come.

THESE. THESE are definitely the item I'm most excited about today. I have been searching for a good pair of creeper-esque shoes but I was always nervous about wearing them. Also, I heard flatforms are a huge trend for spring. When I was checking out at TopShop and saw these for 10$ at the register, I literally said, "Are these really only 10$?" to the clerk. She assured me. I was so glad I found my size - they are perfect!

I walked into Lush looking for a bath bomb, however after the sales lady explained all of them to me, I realized that a one-time use thing wasn't really worth the extra money. She showed me "rub rub" salt shower scrub - which has many uses and makes your skin super soft. After an free hand demonstration including rub rub, a shower gel, and an amazing softening cuticle cream and lotion, my hands felt brand new! However, she also introduced me to "Dirty" shaving cream, which is known to keep legs smooth for up to 3 + days and was in my price range. So, I picked that up.

Enjoy this little post - A big Firmoo eyewear review will be up soon as well as a recipe! Hope this helps cure the midwinter blues!

Hello Mexico - Sparks the Rescue
Lessons in Love - Neon Trees
Lucky Strike - Maroon 5



February 24, 2013

The best way to get experimental is to get experimental with fresh veggies! People loved stuffed anything - peppers, mushroom, lobster, even chicken. However what about stuffed squash? It's an easy and satisfying meal that you can make any time that won't compromise your hard work at the gym. Now that I've got you drooling - you're probably wondering what you need!

You will need:
  • Sliced zucchini
  • Summer squash - NOT butternut squash! (butternut squash is too soft to stuff)
  • Diced tomatoes
  • ground chicken
  • Instant brown rice
  • Olive oil
  • Italian seasoning/ Mrs dash
  • sea salt
all portions depend on how many you're cooking for!
Now, how do you do it?

1. The type of brown rice I usually use come in little cups and is ready in the microwave after about two minutes. It's just easier for me this way. So, I heat up about two of those (this is dinner for two, so if you're cooking for more, make more depending on how many you're serving). While those are cooking, heat up the ground chicken in a pan with olive oil, sea salt and Italian seasoning or mrs. dash. When the rice is done cooking, throw that in the pan until the chicken is brown but not fully cooked.
2. Line a casserole dish with tin foil and spray with pam - essentially preparing it for baking. Preheat your oven to 350.
3. Hollow out your squash so that there's room for your chicken and brown rice concoction!
4. Stuff your squash with the chicken and brown rice and place in the tin foil lined pan. Surround it with the diced tomatoes and sliced zucchini for a fresh and delicious side.
5. Bake for an hour.
1. Enjoy!

I had this with my mother and it was DELICIOUS! The best thing about these types of dishes is that it's mostly roasted vegeatables so you don't have to worry about having a little more. All of the flavors marry beautifully and it can make great leftovers. Let me know if you try this!



February 18, 2013

Saturday was an eventful and interesting day. You may know of companies that sell their products through representatives such as Avon, the Pampered Chef, etc, well my boyfriend's mother is a representative for Miche Purses, and she asked me if I was interested in hosting a party.

Miche purses are unlike any other bag I've seen. There are three sizes - essentially small, medium and large. You choose a size of your "base" which is a basic black bag and handles. However, from there you make it your own. There are hundreds of different "shells" in hundreds of different styles to go over the bases. There's something for everyone. To personalize it even more, there's numerous straps as well! They offer sell wallets, shoes, keychains and more. Details on how to snag your own are at the end of this post!

Once I learned the great benefits of having a party - I was sold! The more of my friends and family that attended bought products, the more products I could earn for free and discounted! So, I invited a few friends over and made some party food this Saturday afternoon.

The look was the day was casual and a bit edgy. I finally got to rock the fringed "California Republic" Tee I got from Pacsun with my grey Kira cardigan from PacSun as well, black Victorias Secret yoga leggings, and my brown combat boots. I went for warm tones on my face, as from light brown eyeshadow to a pinky lip.

 Since it's a simple look, I went a little crazy on my arm candy and rocked a vintage watch, a silver and gold bracelet form a Boutique in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, and my pandora bracelet. Not to mention my chunky F21 rings.

A party with good food is always a succesfull party in my book. I whipped up some fresh guacamole, and also had a spread including fruit, dippable veggies, Tortilla chips, pita chips, greek veggie dip, and roasted red pepper hummus.

She arrived with a few different sized shells and bases, a wallet or two, different straps and chains, and of course order forms and catalogs. After she presented the products, she passed out order forms and catalogs for us to check out.
This is an example of a base.

This is a medium sized bag with a beautiful red shell.

This is a smaller base with an adorable blue shell with a flower detail.
All the happy party-goers and their catalogs!

If you are interested in ordering,  click here! Make sure to get your orders in by Friday. There are hundreds of styles to browse!

Also - my giveaway winner has been announced at the end of my newest YouTube video. It could be you - check it out! :)



February 10, 2013

The sky may have just dropped 30+ inches of snow in New England, however if you're like me, winter is the last thing your mindset. I'm already dreaming of rocking high waisted shorts and fun-colored pumps in the upcoming spring/summer months. With graduation and prom coming up, I've been online window shopping dresses like a feind recently, too. In my fiendish scrolling, I've comprised a list of a few must-have/staple pieces that are essential to your wardrobe this spring. Keep these in mind while you're out stocking up on your spring wear!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Those beauties on the bottom right  - in any way, shape or form, whether they're auhentic Jeffrey's or not I/every girl absolutely NEEDS some 'litas in their life! These daring platforms are a mix of boot and heel with a side of sass. The ones I chose for my collage are both a daring color and feature my weakness - STUDS. (At this point, my wardrobe my contain more studs than every outfit KISS wore on stage in the 80's combined.) Anyway, the thick heel elevates front makes them easy to walk in. They can spice up any casual spring look, and transition it to a fabulous outfit of the night!
Equally as daring wedge, not as breathtaking price:
2. Colorful and chunky jewelry
image from:

The combination of a plain tee/tank and denim shorts can be spiced up with some daring jewelry to make an effortlessly gorgeous spring/summer look. I'd be sure to stock up on some chunky, colorful jewelry because spring screams for color and it can be very versatile. You can rock it at events, barbecues, or just out with friends. Honestly the best place to find chunky jewelry is Forever 21, it has the best price and caters to many different styles and trends. ALSO, don't forget the sunglasses! I plan on stocking up on eccentric frames such as cat eye, John Lennon inspired, and heart-shapes sunglasses.

3. High waisted shorts
image from:

This one's a no-brainer. It's been no secret for summer's past that a few pairs of high waisted shorts are essential to everyone's wardrobe for the spring and summer. There's so many different kinds to choose some. There are nautical-themed blue cotton ones, denim ones, and new for this season scalloped lace ones. I need to invest in a pair of the new lace ones. I can't wait to indulge in as many studded, distressed, and dip-dyed pairs until it's disgusting. My appetite for high waisted shorts will never be fully satisfied. The best way to go about getting these is taking your measurements and browse through Etsy, and buy them from the DIY pros yourself. That way, you know noone else will rock the same pair as you, even though these things are like snowflakes. However, if you don't feel like measuring, the Kylie and Kendall line for PacSun offers some adorable dip dyed, studded ones at a good price!

4. A good pair of skinny corduroys

For days where shorts, skirts, or dresses are just not doable, a go-to outfit can be any skinny or corduroys jeggings, a flowy top, and flats/sandals. The loose top and long, skinny jeans add length to your legs and is a classy yet casual look. Colored jeggings skinnies/add a pop of color for spring, especially in pastels. My favorite is light pink corduroy jeggings, I need to invest in a pair ASAP. Here's some from American Eagle for only $25!

5. Hi-Lo dresses and skirts

Obviously the huge hi-lo trend will carry over into the spring/summer, especially for those northerner girls like me who have been itching to break them out after a long winter. Stock up on some good sundresses, hi lo or not, that are bright and have mixed patterns. They'll go great with the chunky jewelry! Also, stock up on basic block colored skirts, A-line, ruffled, however you like! They'll be a sigh of relief when you want to wear a loud shirt but have nothing simple and cute to pair it with.
Ombre hi lo at Forever 21 for only $12.80! so on trend!
Basic A-line at the same price - staple piece!

6. Sandals and such
These Marie Antionette inspired heels from J. Crew though... Unnffff (previously seen on
It's essential to stock up on essential go to shoes for the spring. I usually leave my patterns to my clothes, but the shoes can still be bold! When shopping for shoes, look for something that can be versatile with many colors and patterns, but are still statement pieces. You want a good ratio of sandals, flats, and wedges/pumps.

Barbie Pink H&M pumps:
Aqua sandals

Hope you keep these in mind when you're shopping for spring! SPRING into step! 



February 08, 2013

Greetings on a snowed-in night in the midst of Blizzard "Nemo"! Today, since I actually had some time due to a much needed snow day, I got around the finishing editing my "January Favorites" YouTube video. It features my favorite products for beauty, clothes, and more for January. Here's the list, but watch the video for product details and where to get them/how much you can snag them for!


  • "Honey I Washed the Kids" soap from Lush
  • Victoria's Secret Lovespell
  • ELF Eyelash curler
  • Love21 brushes & makeup remover
  • Rimmel London Match Perfection Primer & Concealer
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation
  • No Boundaries black bazer
  • Red Velvet Sound & Matter for Pacsun Blazer
  • Forever 21 cross tank
  • Starucks Veranda Blend/ Blonde Roast k-cup
ANNOUNCEMENT: I'M HOSTING A MASSIVE "PUCKER-UP" LIP PRODUCT GIVEAWAY FOR VALENTINES DAY! I'm giving away a forever 21 makeup bag filled with products including burts bees, babylips, an eos egg, and more! How to enter? leave a comment on the YouTube video! Pucker up and be prepared to kiss your love with these lip products this Valentines Day!

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