November 18, 2012

LUSH Cosmetics came out with a new sugar scrub for the holidays: The Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub. Inspiration for this new scrub was actually found while LUSH workers were on a beach in Brazil and they found a Santa sand sculpture. The very helpful worker at the LUSH at the Mall at Chesnut Hil in Newton, MA told me this tidbit today - along with great product knowledge. As LUSH's softest sugar scrub yet, it made my face feel and look like a baby's bottom. Hopefully after a few uses in and out of the shower I can say goodbye to dry skin! Check out my video review of this product on my youtube channel:

you can buy it online here.

pictures above are from and tumblr.



November 12, 2012

This Summer I was in an H&M in france and I fell in love with a cute tight dress with light pink and purple undertones. The design was unique and unlike anything that's been around lately - it was flawlessly edgy yet elegant at the same time. It was a design that alluded to a "Roscher test design" or as I like to dub it the ink blot design.

This design is no longer just used in psychological patients, its been seen lately in Topshops, H&Ms, and runways all around. It can easily be made casual with a top with this design, leather leggings, and boots or studded flats. Or, you can dress it up by wearing a dress with peplums and the design and black pumps. Go find your favorite piece including the roscher design and accessorize accordingly!

The two pictures above are credit to and the TopShop Facebook.
H&M Dress.

Here's a polyvore I made showcasing some of my favorite pieces displaying this trend!


MAXXINISTA: What to wear to your formal events in the winter!

November 10, 2012

On Thursday, I went to a job interview at a local TJ Maxx. The day before, my friend Justin and I scoured the racks at the same TJ Maxx. Perhaps for different reasons - he wanted to dress me up, I wanted to get inspired for some winter fashions.

I found the staple trends of this winter - glitter, white, bold colors, and even some lace as well as my new must-have: peplum shirts. Justin threw some clothes at me and urged me to try them on. I was more than embarrassed when I had tell the dressing room lady that I had nine pieces to try on. However, I thought I'd make the most of it and make a post about it.

He found some fabulous pieces for even more fabulous prices. Here they are: 

This fabulous and ultra comfy purple dress with lace detail was originally $36.00, but TJ Maxx did their magic and now it's only $24.99. The black pumps were originally $59.00, but are sold now for $24.99 as well.

Ultra comfy sweater, $19.99, Jessica Simpson jeggings $22.99

Officially obsessed with this shirt, the black detail contrasts with the red for the perfect pop. "mine" shirt - originally $22.00 now $19.99. Lace skirt (which was my sole purchase of the day) Originally $24.00, sold at $16.00 but was MARKED DOWN TO $10.00!

Oops - this one's blurry. Same skirt, but "mine" tank with elegant ruffle and gold detail - originally $18.00 now $12.99.

These looks would be great for fancy events during the winter or any time. Add Hue Tights (,  or an good tights under the white skirt if you get cold.


OOTD - Edgy Parisian Princess

November 04, 2012

On some Sundays, I do the readings at my church for community service. With the very strict dress code, sometimes it's hard to dress the way I really like to. Let's be honest, who wants to cover up a really cute neckline or neckline detail - such as lace, glitter, etc, with a frumpy shawl that makes you look like an old bag? However, I think I nailed it today, by finding a chic dress with a modest neckline and good length - and of course, I added my own spice to it.

I call this look the "Edgy Parisian Princess" because that's exactly what It reminds me of. Also, the fact that I found this dress at an H&M in a little town in the Alsace Region of France on my travels this summer helps.  I always pick one central piece to build the rest of my looks around, and the dress was of course my garment of choice. The dress was from H&M as mentioned before, and it was only $25! Under it, I slipped on some lacy floral tights from Forever 21, ($7).  I paired those with some brown combat-ish, laced ankle boots, (Marshalls - $22).  Those are the most versatile pair of boots I own, and when it comes to shopping - versatility is one of the biggest things I look for. I had simple, large stud diamond earrings from the Swarovski in Austria on, they were 15 euro. The euro to dollar conversion changes every day, so if you want to look that up you can. Lastly, I thought i'd make the dress more form-fitting my wrapping the white belt around my waist (thrifted, $7). 

My hair is curled in the most effortless, but most effective way I've ever done it before! I simply left it in the sock bun over night. For most girls with wavy hair, a convenient feature about the sock bun is that after prolonged wear, it makes gorgeous curls! It's THAT easy. And that's not the last I'll be talking about the sock bun, my next post will be all things sock bun, however I'm not going to spoil it for you, you'll just have to read up! ;)

22 - Taylor Swift. (I have to admit  - I can't stop listening to Red. This isn't even coming from a Taylor Swift fan, it seems I've been converted!)
Stubborn Love - The Lumineers. (One of my new favorite folk bands.)